Wellness: A Teaspoon is Enough, Less is More, None is Best!

BY: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

We are constantly reminded to be mindful of our intake of high-sugar foods and beverages.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily sugar intake not exceeding 7.5 teaspoons, including sugars consumed in other daily foods and drinks.

Undeniably, sugar is a part of our daily lives, but excessive consumption can lead to various health problems, including chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Increasing public awareness of the dangers of excessive sugar intake is a crucial step.

Public health education programs, social media campaigns, and easily accessible information sources can help raise awareness among the public about the risks of chronic diseases associated with sugar consumption.

Among the steps that can be taken to reduce the habit of excessive sugar intake are:

Reading Food Labels:
Encourage individuals to get into the habit of reading food labels before purchasing food and beverages. Food labels provide information about the sugar content in each dish, helping individuals make more effective choices for their health.

Reducing Added Sugar:
The provision of foods and beverages without added sugar is a crucial step in planning a healthy diet. Food and beverage businesses should participate in this initiative by providing low-sugar or sugar-free options, along with clear nutritional information.

Choosing Healthy Sugar Sources:
Replacing added sugar with healthier sources such as fresh fruits, honey, or maple syrup is a good alternative. Awareness programs can emphasize the importance of choosing natural sweeteners that are more beneficial.

Supporting Healthy Lifestyles:
Encourage individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles, including balanced nutrition and physical exercise. Community activities, such as fitness clubs or healthy cooking classes, can help support individuals in making healthier choices.

Reducing sugar intake is a crucial step in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. The food industry and the government can play a role in creating awareness about sugar intake for a better and healthier life for the community before it’s too late.

A Teaspoon is Enough, Less is More, None is Best!

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