Dim Sum Discovery by Canning

A Unique Culinary & Educational Experience opening in Ipoh

by Anne Das

In an industrial area where tradition meets innovation, Dim Sum Discovery by Canning is poised to make history as Malaysia’s first-of-its-kind culinary and educational venture. This groundbreaking initiative by the popular Canning Dim Sum is set to redefine not just the culinary landscape but also the way we experience and learn about the art of dim sum.

Founded in 2018 at Canning Garden, Canning Dim Sum has become a local gem, earning recognition from the World Gourmet Awards in the Dim Sum category. Now, with the unveiling of Dim Sum Discovery, the Canning brand is taking a bold step by introducing an immersive experience that goes beyond just dining.

Founder’s passion: Ceylyn Tay’s contagious enthusiasm for the culinary and educational adventure at Dim Sum Discovery by Canning.

Ceylyn Tay, co-founder of Canning Dim Sum, shares the vision: “Five years ago, we envisioned creating a space where the public could witness the entire dim sum production process. Inspired by facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, Dim Sum Discovery is not just a dining area; it’s an experiential centre designed to bring the magic of dim sum-making to life.”

Located strategically in an industrial area, Dim Sum Discovery’s unique position has sparked curiosity. But make no mistake – this is no ordinary dining spot; it’s a culinary and educational hub.

Culinary camaraderie already in action at Dim Sum Discovery! Staff and friends relish a delightful preview (dry run), immersed in the inviting ambience. Get ready to savour the essence of the newest kid on the block.

Tay emphasises that their location is not a deterrent for tourists; rather, it enhances the appeal of this unique experience. Conveniently situated near Kek Long Tong, Tasik Cermin, and other hotspots, they are ready to welcome bus tours, corporate dine-ins, and curious explorers. With ample parking and proximity to key attractions, they offer an ideal stop for those seeking an immersive dining experience.

Dim Sum Discovery transcends the conventional dining experience. Corporates, universities, and government bodies are not just invited to taste their products; they’re encouraged to delve into the story of Canning’s growth, from a small team to over 100 staff. It’s about sharing their journey, inspiring the younger generation, and injecting a sense of fun into learning.

Their skilled team passionately handcrafts each dim sum, bringing the art and authenticity of our culinary creations to life at Dim Sum Discovery by Canning.

As the FIRST Halal manufacturing plant opens for visits in Malaysia, Dim Sum Discovery is making waves. Tay passionately states, “Halal compliance is not exclusive; it’s about ensuring safe and hygienic food production. We want the world to know about our fusion-based and creative dim sum recipes, inspired by our multicultural nation. We’re not just making history; we’re sharing it with the world.”

Dim Sum Discovery stands out with its commitment to education. Visitors will not only witness the manufacturing process but also get hands-on with top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. They welcome students pursuing food and production studies, offering practical insights and internship opportunities.

The management and staff of Dim Sum Discovery by Canning come together in a vibrant display of teamwork and innovation, showcasing the heart and soul behind Malaysia’s groundbreaking culinary experience

The venue itself is a visual delight with Instagram-worthy corners, fish ponds, and private seating areas within bird cages – each adorned with seasonal decor. Tay reveals, “We want to create an atmosphere that not only delights the senses but also tells a story. Each private cage is a symbol of the unique dining experience we offer to families and friends.”

Seated in the exclusive bird cage dining spaces, enjoy privacy and indulge in the extraordinary flavours of Dim Sum Discovery by Canning with your family and friends.

On the menu, Dim Sum Discovery plans to unveil new tastes in dim sum and expand into offering main dishes for lunch in the future. The target audience is diverse, encompassing food enthusiasts, business professionals, culinary schools, and government bodies.

Tay’s excitement is contagious: “We’re not just opening a dining destination; we’re creating a ripple effect. Dim Sum Discovery is a place where opportunities for business expansion and global outreach abound.”

Prepare for a delectable journey! Dim Sum Discovery by Canning is about to put Ipoh on the global culinary map. A sneak preview of what awaits.

Mark your calendars as Dim Sum Discovery by Canning opens its doors to a culinary and educational adventure. Tay invites the community to join the opening day festivities, promising a complimentary plate of their signature Fried Radish Cake and an exclusive 20% discount on every frozen pack from their frozen selections.

Don’t miss out on the delicious moments waiting for you at Dim Sum Discovery by Canning!


OPENING DATE :  January 25, 2024, Thursday onwards.
TIME               :  8:00 am to 4:00 pm
LOCATION      : 26, Hala Rapat Baru 21, Kawasan Industri Ringan Kinta Jaya, Ipoh
CONTACT        : +60 16-709 1535

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