Open Day and OKU Job Fair at DAYBREAK

by KT Leong

Disabled Adults and Youths Being Rewarded Encouraged and Accepted in Kinta (DAYBREAK) held their Open Day and OKU Job Fair on January 21, which saw hundreds of visitors to their premises.

Many of these visitors were job seekers, who went there in their earnest desire to find jobs so as to be independent and contributing members of society.

The job interview registration had a full queue from as early as 8.45 am, and the queue remained full almost through the entirety of the Open Day. Potential employers like 99 Speedmart, Econsave and AG Apparel Industries were there to conduct the open interviews.


Daybreak is a tax exempt charity that trains people with disabilities (OKU), find job placements for them and even follow up on their progress. This Open Day, which was launched by YB Tan Kar Ming (Member of Parliament Gopeng), is as much to create awareness for the services offered by Daybreak as it was to help OKU find jobs.

And of course, there are advantages to hiring OKU. There are many types of disabilities and not all will deter an OKU’s ability to perform a job. Below are some job postings at the Open Day for potential employees. As the reader can see, jobs like a Lab Analyst would not be deterred by someone with a physical disability.

Job Listings
Lab Analyst

Companies can also receive incentives from the Social Security Organisation (PERKESO) if they hire an OKU, and unlike foreign workers, there would be no agents, levies, housing or even monitoring of conduct required.

The Open Day was a festive event with free health screenings from the Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH), participating schools selling snacks and handicrafts, as well as a showcase of some of the excellent skills that trainees at Daybreak have acquired, such as sewing and jobs that require hand-eye coordination.

On top of that, there were performances by the trainees and refreshments were served during the latter part of the event.

Account Number: 0080 1061 6099

After making a donation, kindly email the deposit slip with your name (as per I.C.), address and contact number, so that Daybreak can issue a tax exempt receipt for your monetary contribution.

Training Centre is located at:
Lot 75242, Jalan Pulai RPT Pengakalan Pegoh, 31500 Lahat Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Persatuan Daybreak is now on S Shopee: persatuandaybreak
Here you may purchase handicrafts made by the PWDs and help a worthy cause.

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