MBI carried out cleaning work throughout the Thaipusam celebration

By Zaki Salleh
Photo MBI

IPOH: The cleanliness aspect of the environment during the Thaipusam celebration is emphasized by the Ipoh City Council (MBI), which deploys personnel to carry out cleaning tasks.

This is due to the presence of thousands of visitors, some of whom casually litter during the Thaipusam festivities.

Hence, public cleaning activities such as sweeping and tidying are undertaken by prepared personnel.

The cleaning staff began their work yesterday from 6 pm until midnight.

MBI Municipal Services Department personnel also conducted foot patrols to clean up litter left along the roads.

The cleaning operation continued from 4 am until 12 noon today.

Meanwhile, a visitor, M. Subramaniam, expressed gratitude for the continuous cleaning efforts by MBI personnel.

He mentioned that it’s disheartening to see a few visitors who are not mindful when disposing of trash, especially food containers.

“This is not something new, especially during the festive season. Almost every year, I witness such situations where people thoughtlessly litter wherever they are and don’t bother to find a trash bin,” he said.

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