Mural Painting in Gerik Incorrectly Depicts African Elephant Instead of Asian Elephant

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The effort to beautify the town of Gerik by showcasing mural paintings on the walls of several shophouses has successfully transformed the existing landscape.

Since the completion of these mural paintings, they have become a notable attraction for visitors, especially those coming from outside Perak. The murals portray local characteristics, including the beauty of nature, which is a treasure for Gerik’s tourist attractions.

The murals, painted along the walls in this town, aim to promote Gerik as a must-visit destination for tourists from across the state. However, one mural incorrectly represents the image of Gerik.

The elephant mural painted on one of the walls is not an Asian elephant but rather an African elephant species.

This information was brought to light by an online user, Fadzil Haji Aziz, a former journalist and a native of Gerik, through a post on his Facebook page.

In his post, he mentioned that the elephant depicted in the mural is an African elephant.

“Beautiful new mural in Gerik. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, it is clear that it is an African elephant. Asian elephants, like Aduka, are very different.

“How can you tell? One of the characteristics is that the forehead of the Loxodonta genus or African elephant is flat and full, just like in the mural.

“On the other hand, the Elephas genus or Asian elephant has a hump that is almost like a camel, starting from its forehead and moving upward,” he explained.

Therefore, he suggested that the mural should be corrected or repainted to truly showcase the authentic image of Gerik.

Aduka, the elephant mentioned, is a legendary elephant in Gerik that lived around the 1980s and was often seen roaming by the residents. Aduka used its large body to defend its territory from being encroached upon by other wild elephants coming from the forest.

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