Promise to Relocate All Vendors Remains Unfulfilled – Padang Polo Vendors

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: Several vendors at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park (Padang Polo) here claim that the promise to relocate all of them to a new location, as pledged earlier, remains unfulfilled.

According to one vendor, Muhd Amirrudin Yahaya, only selected vendors will be allowed to operate at the new site, located near Padang Polo, while the rest have not received any response from the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

He alleges that this contradicts a previous meeting with MBI, where assurances were given that all traders would be moved to the new location.

“I feel dissatisfied because initially, they (MBI) promised to relocate 60 stalls there, but when we reviewed the names from three years ago, suddenly there were none last year.

“We also heard that beverage vendors cannot go up (to the new location), even though 40 percent of them sell beverages here.”

“Not only that, from what I’ve heard from acquaintances, only certain vendors will get the new spots, namely only seven. Promises were made differently than what is being done,” he said, running a hanging coffee business.

Meanwhile, Muhd Amirrudin said the information has spread on Facebook that vendors from Taman Cempaka and Meru have been given space to operate at the new location.

He mentioned that this area was initially designated to resolve the issue of Padang Polo vendors, thereby reducing congestion there.

“Is this just a show by MBI? I urge the Mayor to reconsider this matter and provide a genuine explanation.

“We, the vendors here, hope there is no issue of favouritism or cronies; if we cannot move there, just tell us straightforwardly, don’t let us wonder.

“In any case, we submit to the fate determined, if possible, provide justice to us because we have been doing business here for a long time,” he added.

Sharing a similar situation, Saad Shakir, who operates a takoyaki business, stated that he has not received any response regarding this matter.

It is challenging for him as they need to find another location if they are not selected to be placed at the new site.

“Before this, I did attend a meeting with MBI, we gave our phone numbers and details. They said they would contact us, but until now, there has been no response.

“Hearing stories that vendors in the front row have already received answers, probably about seven vendors.

“We initially thought it might be a bit late, but from what we hear, not everyone gets in.

“Moreover, if several businesses are selling the same food, only one will be selected. Not only that, it is understood that vendors from elsewhere are also given space to operate there,” he added.

He further expressed hope that the relevant authorities would uphold their promise as stated before and provide the best explanation to Padang Polo vendors.

Earlier, the media reported that MBI had obtained approval from Padang Polo vendors to relocate their business sites.

Rumaizi was reported saying that the approval from nearly 60 vendors was obtained after considering MBI’s vision of establishing a new business sector based on gastronomic tourism.

According to him, through this concept, a Malay food-based food hub could be created, adding value and attracting more external visitors.

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