Opportunity to do business at the Station 18 Ramadan Bazaar, Taman Temara

By: Zaki Saleh

IPOH: The United Entrepreneurs Association of Ipoh (PUBI) invites interested traders and hawkers to do business at the Station 18 Ramadan Bazaar and Taman Temara site.

The Station 18 Ramadan Bazaar is located in front of the entrance to the AEON Ipoh Station 18 shopping centre.

The Chairman of PUBI, Sharul Baha Abd Rahman, said that this is the second time the association has operated at these locations throughout Ramadan.

He said they are grateful to the Ipoh City Council (MBI) for entrusting them to manage the Ramadan bazaar.

“A total of 50 business sites are provided at the Taman Temara Ramadan Bazaar and also at the Station 18 Ramadan Bazaar this year.

“So, PUBI invites traders who are interested to seize the opportunity to do business and increase their income during this noble Ramadan,” he told Ipoh Echo / Peraktastic.

These two Ramadan bazaar locations are very strategic because Taman Temara is close to residential areas while Station 18 is a commercial area.

Sharul Baha said that the response during last Ramadan at both business locations was very good, so he believes the situation will be the same this year.

Sharul added that traders interested in joining the Station 18 Ramadan Bazaar can contact the secretariat directly at 011-51850661 or 019-5773924.

The deadline for applications is February 19.

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