Water supply disruption caused visitors to cancel bookings on Pangkor Island

By: Zaki Salleh

PANGKOR: A family vacation from Selayang, Selangor to Pangkor Island, which was supposed to be a memorable experience, turned sour due to water supply issues.

As a result, Saifulizam Kadir and three family members had to cut short their vacation in Pangkor and change their plans to another location.

Saifulizam said they only managed to stay for two days on Pangkor Island when the chalet they were staying in ran out of water supply.

“According to the chalet owner, low water pressure issues during festive seasons are common here, but this time it was worse.

“Due to the water shortage, I had to cancel a four-day booking, and the chalet refunded the money.

“I sympathize with the owner, but there’s nothing I can do. Without water, daily activities become difficult,” he said.

Other visitors echoed the same complaints, with Maisarah Ibrahim stating that authorities should have been prepared to handle such situations.

“I was informed that a burst pipe incident caused the water supply failure.

“What I noticed is that the authorities here are slow to take action. The water tankers sent were also insufficient.

“As a resident of the Klang Valley, I am used to water scarcity issues, but the authorities there respond swiftly and effectively.

“The water shortage issue on Pangkor Island has tarnished the state’s preparation for Visit Perak Year,” she said.

Meanwhile, Pangkor State Assemblywoman, Norhaslinda Zakaria, said that water disruption on Pangkor Island has been occurring since last week but worsened since yesterday.

The main cause of the disruption is believed to be the influx of tourists visiting Pangkor Island, especially leading up to the Chinese New Year celebration.

“Since yesterday, I have contacted the relevant authorities including the Perak Water Board (LAP) to get an explanation regarding this water issue, but the answers provided did not address the problem.

“In fact, I have raised concerns about the water issue on Pangkor Island several times before, but there has been no solution,” she said.

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