A good weekend to visit Lanno Valley

by KT Leong

Lanno Valley, a developing tourist spot, is holding an eventful weekend over the next two days.

On 17 February, from 9 am to 12.30 pm, there will be a tree planting event alongside Sahabat Ekologi Perak. Light refreshments will be provided for the participants.

In addition, 17 and 18 February will also see them holding a Handcrafts Market from 9 am to 6 pm. The thing that really stands out with this market is that it will take place in a cave, therefore creating a great atmosphere.

Located near Simpang Pulai at Gunung Lanno MY Perak Ipoh Kampung Kepayang Unnamed Road 1, 31350; Lanno Valley is a beautiful little spot that visitors should take a quick visit to on their way to and fro the highway near Simpang Pulai.

Veer off the road, pass the quarries and soon, you’ll be at the foot of the hills that will eventually lead you to Lanno Valley. There, you’ll find a peaceful lake that you can book a boat ride through, and witness the interesting cave formations of this highly ambient location.

Much of the valley is still being surveyed and in an effort to not damage the environment’s ecology, the owner is refraining from opening up certain areas until the safety of the rare plant life can be assured.

So for now, it is a peaceful and beautiful location, which we shall hope, will see further development in the coming years.

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