State Government Contributes Water Tanks for Hotels and Chalets in Teluk Nipah

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Pulau Pangkor – Hotel and chalet operators affected by water disruption issues, especially in Teluk Nipah, can now breathe a sigh of relief.

The Chairman of the Pulau Pangkor Hotel and Resort Development Association, Mohd. Zamzuri Suid said that the request for water tanks has been approved by the Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Saarani Mohamad, today.

“Dato’ Seri Saarani has approved an immediate allocation of RM50,000 to purchase water tanks for temporary use by hotel and chalet operators affected, especially in Teluk Nipah.

“It is estimated that 25 hotel and chalet operators will receive two water tanks with a capacity of 600 litres each while awaiting action from the Perak Water Board (LAP) to resolve the ongoing water disruption issue.

“This initiative can help hotel and chalet operators to resume their business operations as usual.

“Tourists planning to vacation on Pangkor Island need not worry about water disruption issues because the additional two water tanks they will receive can hold 1,200 litres of water for use over two days.

“The association expresses gratitude to Dato’ Seri Saarani for his concern in addressing the issues faced, even though he is currently overseas,” he told Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic.

Zamzuri further clarified that the water disruption issue on Pangkor Island not only affects hotel and chalet operators but also creates problems for a large number of residents.

“As a result of this water disruption, business operators suffer severe losses due to cancellations of accommodation bookings by tourists.

“I hope there will be prompt action taken by the LAP to ensure that the tourism industry on Pangkor Island is not further affected,” he said.

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