Watermelon Sherbet Made with Special Syrup from Pakistan

BY: Zaki Saleh

IPOH: We’re accustomed to enjoying watermelon juice, but what about watermelon sherbet?

That’s precisely what Al Mathaam Syed Restaurant will be offering as they introduce their special watermelon sherbet at four Ramadan bazaar locations in Ipoh.

The Ramadan bazaar sites include Desa Aman, Taman Temara, AEON Station 18, and Bulatan Aman Jaya Meru.

According to its manager, Syed Aminuddin, this watermelon sherbet is unique as it will be served for the first time to visitors at the Ramadan bazaar.

He mentioned that they imported a special cordial syrup from Pakistan to ensure that the watermelon sherbet has an authentic taste.

“This watermelon sherbet doesn’t just contain watermelon alone.

“We use Grade A watermelons to ensure the freshness of the fruit and the resulting juice.

“Although these fruits are costly, we cannot compromise on the quality to produce good watermelon sherbet.

“In addition to watermelon, we also add lychee, basil seeds, dates, and raisins to the sherbet. It’s delicious and perfect for quenching your thirst.

“This fruit mixture also has its own health benefits, so it’s not just a beverage but also nutritious,” he explained.

Syed Aminuddin mentioned that they use a large 90-centimetre-sized pot to prepare the drink.

“We only sell this one drink during Ramadan at the bazaar. Those who want to taste the deliciousness of this watermelon sherbet are welcome to visit our stall at the designated Ramadan bazaar locations,” he added.


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