Masjid Lama Ipoh needs to be restored immediately to prevent it from collapsing

By Aida Aziz

PASIR SALAK: Left deserted and no longer being used.

That is the current condition of the Masjid Lama Ipoh, known as the Masjid Al-Madinah Kampong Bandar, which was originally built in the middle of the Ipoh city around 1870.

Masjid Lama located in Kampung Bandar, Kampung Gajah, is believed to no longer be in use due to many residents having moved to other locations.

In addition, the area and villages are often flooded by the Perak River during the flood season.

The Secretary of the Perak Heritage Association, Nor Hisham Zulkiflee, stated that the mosque, which is over 100 years old, will disappear if no preservation efforts are undertaken by the authorities.

“We, from the association, feel compelled to preserve the old mosque, as it is no longer in use and has been neglected.

“Moreover, there are already signs of decay on the mosque’s structure, and it’s possible lthat without proper care, it will collapse to the ground,” he said when met recently.

Nor Hisham explained that the time has come for the authorities to take immediate action, just as they did with the old mosque in Teluk Memali here.

“The Kampung Teluk Memali Mosque is located across from this mosque; the mosque building has been dismantled, relocated, and reassembled in Bandar Seri Botani, Ipoh,” he added.

In connection with that, he hopes that the fate of the Masjid Lama Ipoh can be saved, just like Teluk Memali.

“Hopefully that Masjid Al-Madinah Kampong Bandar can be preserved at its original site or, if financially feasible, relocated back to Ipoh, which would be better.

“The structure, with its traditional Malay architecture can indeed be dismantled and reassembled just like the Teluk Memali one.

“We acknowledge that it will involve very high costs, but nevertheless, we hope that the relevant authorities will consider this matter,” he said.

A little background about this Masjid Lama Ipoh is important as it serves as evidence of the existence of the Malay community in Ipoh before it developed into a major city.

In the 1890s, the mosque building was relocated across the Kinta River to Kampung Gajah, while its original site was taken over by the British-administered government at that time.

Nor Hisham said the original site of the Masjid Lama Ipoh was located in Seri Kinta Building, Ipoh.

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