WIS Organised Charity Carnival

KAMPAR – After a five-year hiatus, Westlake International School (WIS), with the rigorous cooperation of teachers and students, teamed up to organize the “WE CARE, WE SHARE, WE GIVE” themed charity carnival, which was one-of-a-kind. The Executive Director, Mr Hew Fen Yee said the aim was to create a joyful campus atmosphere while actively participating in social welfare. Highlights of the event included blood donation, health check-ups, and dental examinations, with the aim of caring for health, spreading love, and contributing to social welfare.

The carnival brought together the enthusiastic participation of teachers, students, and parents, creating an atmosphere of joy and warmth on the scene. Various creative and interesting game stalls were set up in every corner of the campus, such as shooting games and water balloon fights, attracting participation from outsiders and allowing them to experience joy through the games.

The carnival featured multiple international food stalls, offering delicious cuisines from around the world. From Japan’s takoyaki to Malaysia’s famous Ramly burgers, from Korea’s rice ball barbecue to China’s dumplings, the unique flavors of food allowed people to indulge in culinary delights while experiencing the charm of cultures from around the world. The food not only enriched the content of the event but also added more interaction and fun to the carnival. Participants gathered around the food stalls, sharing their food experiences and deepening their understanding and friendship with each other. In addition, craft exhibitions and workshops allowed participants to unleash their creativity and create their own crafts.

In addition to providing a pleasant campus event for teachers and students, this charity carnival was also a proactive exercise in social responsibility. The school decided to donate the proceeds of the event to relevant institutions: UTAR Hospital, Malaysian Care, OKU Malim Nawar, Anak Yatim Soleha, and Vision Home Ipoh, contributing love and strength to society.

In future, Westlake International School will continue to organize similar charity events, hoping to inspire students to care for society, promote interaction and cooperation between teachers and students, and create a campus environment full of love and positive energy.

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