Hot weather: Hawkers to maintain food quality to prevent spoilage.

By Aida Aziz

IPOH: Hawkers at the Ramadan bazaar are reminded to cook and prepare food within suitable timeframes to prevent it from spoiling quickly during sales hours.

Additionally, the public is advised to purchase food from the bazaar during appropriate times, especially during the current hot weather conditions

Chairman of the Human Resources, Health, and Public Affairs Committee of India Perak, A. Sivanesan, the exceptionally hot weather currently is one of the factors contributing to the rapid spoilage of food.

“With the current hot weather, it’s easy for food to spoil.

“Heat is one of the factors, so business owners need to maintain quality by considering when they cook.

“What time, what’s being cooked, what can spoil quickly, and how long it’s kept at the current temperature, which can reach 39 degrees Celsius.

“I also ask the public, if you want to buy food, buy early, don’t wait too long,” he said.

He said this to reporters after officiating the Launching Ceremony of Food Safety Operation for the Ramadan Month for State level of Perak, at the Ramadan Bazaar Stadium Perak, here yesterday.

Meanwhile, when commenting on the issue of hot weather in this state, he said that until March 14, the Perak State Health Department (JKN) received seven reports.

“It involved the 7th and 8th epidemiological weeks (February 14th to 21st). The breakdown of cases by diagnosis is three cases of heat stroke, 11cases of heat fatigue.

“Hot weather during the late Northeast Monsoon (MTL) 2023/2024 period, cloud cover and rainfall decreased in most places, especially in Perak, Pahang, and Kelantan.

“This condition can lead to hotter and drier weather than usual,” he added.

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