Don’t change Padang Polo into a synthetic football field

By Zaki Salleh
photo: Fb Perak World

IPOH : Many residents in the city of Ipoh are unable to take a stance over the proposal by the Ipoh City Council (MBI) to build a football field made of synthetic turf.

The main point they want to know is where the location for the proposed synthetic football field will be.

Since this matter is still at the proposal stage, not much information has been detailed.

Its understood that, two locations have been proposed for the construction of synthetic football fields, in Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park or Polo Ground and DR Seenivasagam Recreation Park.

The construction of these synthetic football fields also includes providing modern facilities equipped with spectator areas, changing rooms, restrooms, and a prayer room.

Retired teacher, Meor Arshad Ayub, said he disagrees with the proposal to turn Polo Ground into a synthetic football field, arguing that the historic ground should not be altered.

He stated that Polo Ground should remain as a recreational park without any form of development, as it is unnecessary.

“Polo Ground was named after the 13th Sultan of Perak, the late Sultan Abdul Aziz, who was appointed as the 31st Sultan of Perak in 1938.

“The history of this ground and everything related to it should be highlighted for the knowledge of the younger generation of Ipoh, rather than turning it into a synthetic football field.

“Up till now, the issue of illegal vendors operating in the parking area has not been resolved by the authorities, and now they want to develop the field. I oppose this,” he said.

Also disagreeing is engineer M. Prakash, because Polo Ground is a recreational area that is visitor-friendly.

“Ipoh is large, but where else can you find a good recreational area like Polo Ground? That’s why the ground is always visited in the morning and evening.

“If there is a need to build a synthetic field, the MBI should look for another location, for example, a new area,” he said.

For college student Radin Husaini Amran, he is excited about the proposal, but like most Ipoh residents, he prefers the field to be built in a more suitable location.

“In this increasingly modern era of football, the construction of synthetic grass fields is relevant.

“The maintenance costs are also not as complicated as regular fields, which require frequent cutting and watering. This field is more durable,” he said.

MBI aims to construct a football field made of the world’s best synthetic turf that meets the requirements of the current generation.

It will be on par with 26 synthetic football fields in Malaysia that meet FIFA’s quality standards and are recognized by the global football organization.

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