Area in Jelapang near Meru Point Business Centre filled with rubbish

By Aida Aziz
Photo: Readers

IPOH: The area near the shop buildings in the Meru Point business center facing Carsem Jelapang is filled with rubbish and poses a risk of attracting wild animals.

According to one complainant, despite complaints being lodged with the authorities, including the Ipoh City Council (MBI), no action has been taken so far.

Furthermore, he said, irresponsible actions by a few individuals living in the area, who dispose of rubbish as they please, should be penalized.

“This place is filled with rubbish, including beverage boxes and plastic. It’s just thrown away without any guilt.

“This shop location is next to 99 Speedmart in the Meru Point business center facing Carsem Jelapang.

“The building above it serves as accommodation for foreign residents.

“I have made complaints to MBI but no action has been taken. It is hoped that this area will be cleaned up soon and individuals who are  responsible will be appropriately penalized,” he told Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic.

He also noted that the situation brings a negative image to this city, thereby causing discomfort to anyone passing through the area.

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