GARBAGE VIGILANTE Garbage illegally disposed even when prohibited

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The more forbidden the more dumped.

Despite warnings and closed-circuit television systems installed, it doesn’t deter illegal dumping.

That’s what happens when illegal waste is piled next to the parking area at the Taman Pengkalan Jaya public market here.

This is yet another occurrence of illegal dumping, even though the perpetrators know it’s wrong.

The casual attitude towards dumping trash there has left local residents feeling uneasy and frustrated with the lack of decisive action.

A resident, who wishes to be known as Nizam, said the illegal dumping is believed to be done by outsiders, sometimes at night.

“It seems that even CCTV isn’t enough to deter them.

“Little by little, the trash will accumulate here when more people come to dump their trash,” he said.

Meanwhile, a trader, Abdul Rashid, expressed anger at the behavior of the illegal dumpers who disregard the well-being of the surrounding residents.

“They know this isn’t a dumping ground, but because it’s by the roadside and spacious, they still dump their trash here.

“The ones who suffer are the residents, as passersby will comment that Taman SSPK is dirty, with lots of trash. It’s embarrassing,” he said.

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