Hardship Is No Excuse for Not Succeeding – Narmitha

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

“Life’s difficulties are no excuse for giving up on dreams. Today’s success marks the beginning of a better future for my family,” asserted P. Narmitha, 18, who recently achieved 9A’s in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations.

This young lady of  Indian and Chinese descent, said her success is not only a gift for her mother but a symbol of resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

“My mother is my inspiration. Her perseverance in raising seven of us must be repaid, and today I dedicate this success to her.

“I believe that with the knowledge I have gained, today’s hardships will end one day. I want a better life, to own a house, and to stop renting,” she said during an interview at her home in Taman Rishah, Silibin.

Narmitha, the fourth of seven siblings, is a student at SMK Seri Puteri, Ipoh. She is well-liked by her teachers for her responsible attitude towards her duties.

As a School Librarian, she happily shared how she manages her study schedule at home.

“I always pay full attention in class to understand what the teacher is teaching.

“At home, I do most of my revision in the morning. I wake up at 4:00 a.m. to study. This is a good time because my younger siblings are asleep and the house is quiet.

“I usually arrive at school early and use this time to revise my lessons. I don’t want to waste any time; I make the most of every moment,” she said.

Additionally, Narmitha is currently working part-time at a company in Ipoh as an Assistant Company Secretary to ease her family’s financial burden.

“After SPM, I started working. I want to save money to further my studies. I aspire to become an accountant with an ACCA qualification.

“To the youth out there, I remind you not to let poverty and hardship be an excuse or a barrier. Use it as motivation to strive for a better life.

Nothing is impossible if we work hard and stay patient,” she added.

Narmitha’s mother, Choong Mee Hoe, 43, shared how life changed since her husband died in 2014 due to heart complications. For her, her children are a responsibility that must be taken care of diligently.

“My late husband’s (Ponniraja) words are always in my memory. Before he passed away, he hoped I would take good care of our seven children, especially their education.

“In fulfilling my husband’s wish, I ensure their well-being is always taken care of. I constantly remind them that only education can change their lives.

“I endure this life despite the hardships. Rent and bills must be paid every month. There are times when we run out of groceries but only for a while.

“However, every difficulty has a way out. There are blessings for the children, with assistance from the Social Welfare Department, Socso, relatives, and my salary, we manage to get by, although it’s not enough,” said Choong, who also cares for a niece.

She also mentioned that her eldest child, P. Yogeswaran, 24, is studying at Quest University, and her second child, P. Moganapirya, 21, is studying at Universiti Utara Malaysia.

“Taking care of seven children and a niece without the head of the household is not easy, but with effort and patience, there is always a solution.

“Although our life is modest, we live with love. I want my children to experience happiness, and I am willing to sacrifice for them as long as I am alive. That’s my promise,” she said with a smile.

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