Silat Serimau Hitam Perak Roars On, Upholding the Heritage of Malay Martial Arts

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

The Malay martial art of silat, a centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in Malay culture, continues to be preserved as a highly esteemed heritage.

Observing each created movement, it becomes evident that only those who have truly mastered and inherited this artistic heritage can fully appreciate it.

Among the associations dedicated to this art is the Seni Silat Serimau Hitam Perak Association (PSSSHP).

Founded in 1971 by Baharum Hathir, better known as Bapak Baharum, PSSSHP has evolved into a symbol of strength and agility, fostering a high spirit of combat and artistry among its practitioners.

Moreover, silat not only nurtures generations who are obedient to religious teachings and respectful of parents and teachers but also shapes individuals with high discipline and ethics.

Noor Aslan Baharum has carried on the legacy of his late father, who passed away on August 8, 2006. For him, the role of Chief Guru is a trust that must be fulfilled to ensure this heritage lives on for future generations.

“Originally, this association was known as the Seni Silat Selima Hitam Association, a name that reflects the combination of five types of silat mastered by its founder, my late father.

“These five types of silat are Cekak, Javanese, Gayong, Sambarani, and Wali Suci. This combination created an aggressive, rough, hard, agile, and fast form of silat.

“Every practitioner under the guidance of this association is required to undergo rigorous tests with patience and perseverance, reflecting the movements of a nimble tiger, which also symbolizes the spirit of this association,” he told Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic in an interview after the 2024 Belt & Sash Award Ceremony at SMK Toh Indera Wangsa Ahmad, Batu Gajah.

In 1986, to preserve, develop, and dignify Malay Silat as a traditional cultural heritage, the association was officially registered under the Societies Act 1966.

According to Noor Aslan, the name of the association was also changed to the Seni Silat Serimau Hitam Perak, reflecting the association’s spirit symbol, the ‘Tiger,’ and the colour ‘Black,’ which refers to the traditional attire of the silat practitioners.

“The association’s motto is Knowledgeable, Faithful, Practicing, meaning that PSSSHP serves as a repository for its members to gain physical and spiritual knowledge.

“Members are expected to be faithful to Allah S.W.T (God) and His teachings and to act responsibly towards themselves, their religion, race, and country,” he emphasized.

The Belt & Sash Award Ceremony was attended by more than 200 silat practitioners from across Perak, including trainers and committee members.

The event was also graced by the President of PESAKA Perak, Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin.

In addition to the award ceremony, there were silat demonstrations by groups from SMK Convent Batu Gajah, SMK TIWA, and Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

The spiritual test demonstrations, including oil bathing, fire hoop jumping, and others, also captivated the audience before the practitioners were eligible to receive their belt awards.

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