• Nosh News: Banjaran Sky Bar

    Nosh News: Banjaran Sky Bar

      Reach for the Skies By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Climb the last of the 65 steps and an astounding view takes your breath away. A panorama of limestone hills, geothermal hot more

  • Nosh News:  Marianis to Close

    Nosh News: Marianis To Close

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen What sad news to hear from both Kimran Goo and Dato’ Dr Wenddi Anne Chong, co-owners of Marianis@7, that they plan to close the restaurant more

  • Jelly-like Chicken Collagen Soup For Hotpot In Ipoh

    Jelly-like Chicken Collagen Soup For Hotpot In Ipoh

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen How would you like to get steamed up with your own hot pot instead of having to share with your more

  • Jeff's Cellar: Cave Restaurant The Two Cs of Fine Dining

    Jeff's Cellar: Cave Restaurant The Two Cs Of Fine Dining

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Regarded as two of the most decadent delicacies in the western culinary world, Caviar and more

  • Nosh News:  Jun Chillax Cafe

    Nosh News: Jun Chillax Cafe

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen There are a few Asian dishes that I am always on the lookout for. One is a Laksa be it Siamese, Sarawakian, Singapore or from any state in Malaysia more

  • An Update On Michelle's Noodles

    An Update On Michelle's Noodles

    Given that organ meat is touted to be healthier than regular meat, Michelle’s is the stall I go to when I have the urge for some innards.

  • Nosh News:  Tamara's

    Nosh News: Tamara's

    Firstly that Tamara’s has discontinued serving breakfasts. I noted this with a sigh as I was looking forward to bringing my son to sample their choice of Apom, both sweet and savoury.

  • Forget About Boba Tea, This Soup Dumpling With Abalone & Scallop Is Only RM8!!

    Forget About Boba Tea, This Soup Dumpling With Abalone & Scallop Is Only RM8!!

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen It has been open for nearly three years and in a very popular location too: just past the highway more

  • Dome Unveils New Menu

    Dome Unveils New Menu

      Dome Restaurant at Meru Valley Resort has announced a fresh new menu influenced by a fusion of Western delights and Asian flavours. Showcasing ten new additions to the more

  • Sun Lee How Fook

    Sun Lee How Fook

    The latest “hot” item to hit the Foodie market which you will find in many of the top Chinese restaurants in Ipoh is the Common Ice Plant or Mesembryanthemum crystallinum.

  • Take a Break VIP Lounge

    Take A Break VIP Lounge

      Ever encountered a white laksa before? Well I just had my first encounter and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Proprietors/chefs Gillian Chin and Anna Lee, both work in the more

  • The Porch

    The Porch

      New in Town Unveiled in July, The Porch is the latest addition in town for your next tipple and bistro dining to toast the setting sun. The urban hideaway features a more

  • Canning Dim Sum

    Canning Dim Sum

    A big welcome to the “pork-free” Dim Sum family, hitherto monopolised by Greentown Dim Sum and Yuk Sou Hin @ WEIL. This is Canning Dim Sum situated in a prime spot more

  • Yuk Sou Hin

    Yuk Sou Hin

    New brooms sweep clean they say but that does not necessarily augur well for precious antiques. The same applies to food. New dishes are wonderful and bring new taste treats to more

  • Tamara's


    I love Sri Lankan food and I love Indian food. Putting the two together means I get to eat coconut sambol with my favourite curries and also some unusual salads which I don’ more

  • Zui Le Xuan - Endless Variety. Old Style Dim Sum. See...Pick...Eat

    Zui Le Xuan - Endless Variety. Old Style Dim Sum. See...Pick...Eat

    Nosh News with SeeFoon I have always believed that eye-appeal is as important as taste and if looking at pictures of food makes more

  • CI YI Claypot Restaurant

    CI YI Claypot Restaurant

    It is very heartening for me see young Ipohites coming home to roost and  for a Foodie like me, right down my alley – opening restaurants – bringing with them more

  • Sage Food

    Sage Food

    By Ili Aqilah With more than ten years of experience in the F&B industry, duo Safwan Hussin and Nashril Khalid decided to open a restaurant together in 2015. Three years more

  • Satasivam


    By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen When my driver dropped me off at Satasivam, he remarked, “Oh this one is very old”, meaning that it has been around for a long time. And yet, more

  • New Menu at Dome

    New Menu At Dome

    By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen A new menu is wowing diners at the Dome in Meru Valley Resort. Executive Chef Desmond and his team have been burning the midnight oil in not only producing more

  • Savoury Macarons at WEIL

    Savoury Macarons At WEIL

    By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Your daily dose of happiness is now at WEIL Hotel. Whether it’s for that small bite of sweetness, Macarons have always satisfied the most more

  • Authentic Festival Delights at the Dome

    Authentic Festival Delights At The Dome

    Meru Valley Resort Ipoh Perak ushers in auspicious fasting month by announcing its special Lambaian Desa Festival buffet more

  • Paloh Lok Lok

    Paloh Lok Lok

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Finally we can now eat Lok Lok in Ipoh without standing out on the street. Essentially a hawker specialty, Lok Lok, where all the food is on more

  • Nonna Kitchen

    Nonna Kitchen

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen This tucked away café in Ipoh Garden East occupies what used to be Tammy’s Kitchen. Since LVI Choong took over the restaurant and more

  • Traditionally Ramadan @ Impiana

    Traditionally Ramadan @ Impiana

    The month of Ramadan is always associated with delicious spreads, not only for Muslims but for other foodies as well. There is no more

  • Cream of the Crop (Part 1)

    Cream Of The Crop (Part 1)

    Nosh News By Ili Aqilah What is the best way to fight the scorching hot weather we are having these days? A scoop (or two!) of Ice Cream of course. But where to get the good more

  • Vintage Cafe

    Vintage Cafe

    Cosy, comfortable and right in the heart of the tourist belt of Old Town.

  • Spicy Hotpot

    Spicy Hotpot

    Such a simple no fuss meal…. And it is all written out in the menu. First order your spicy claypot.

  • Sip, Shop and Savour at So-mn

    Sip, Shop And Savour At So-mn

    By Tan Mei Kuan Established in March last year, So-mn (pronounced ‘soh muhn’) is a teahouse cum antique store which doubles as an arts and culture hub. Its name is more

  • Is that a Pizza?

    Is That A Pizza?

    Leonardo da Vinci would cringe – if they had pizzas in his day that is.

  • Bar.Racuda Banana Leaf

    Bar.Racuda Banana Leaf

    By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen It can be quite onerous to find a place for lunch in Greentown especially around Greentown Business Centre. Waiting for a seat is already a headache but more

  • Riverfront Gourmet Adventure

    Riverfront Gourmet Adventure

    February 2018 ushers two significant events – Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. To celebrate the occasions, Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites will host the & more

  • Un-WEIL-ing 2018 CNY Menu

    Un-WEIL-ing 2018 CNY Menu

    To usher in the Year of the Dog in 2018, Yuk Sou Hin at WEIL Hotel has prepared a sumptuous line-up of Cantonese delicacies. The 8-9 course meal takes off with an authentic more

  • Syeun Hotel: CNY Delights

    Syeun Hotel: CNY Delights

    In celebration of the coming Chinese New Year, Syeun Hotel has a line-up of special promotions and entertainments. To begin with, the auspicious reunion dinner feast on February more

  • O'Days - Grandma's Tastes

    O'Days - Grandma's Tastes

    If you’re looking for home-made quality Nyonya kuih and delights, head to O’Days for traditional kuih satisfaction.

  • Accidental Bakers - Divine Coincidences!

    Accidental Bakers - Divine Coincidences!

    Cousins Paul and Fong started a home-based baking company 18 years ago when home baking was not the norm. In fact, they stumbled more

  • Laksa Leaf Cafe

    Laksa Leaf Cafe

    I have always loved Laksa, in all its various manifestations be it Asam (tamarind), Lemak (coconut) or even Fried, as offered in the newly-opened Laksa Leaf Cafe in Jalan Canning more

  • Purple Moon Lover

    Purple Moon Lover

    Located at Taman Canning, Ipoh, Purple Moon Lover offers a combination of Japanese meals, bakery and good desserts.

  • La Tentation

    La Tentation

    La Tentation, French for temptation, is a cosy fusion-style cafe cum bakery tucked away in Bandar Ipoh Raya. Established early last year, it has a mostly white interior dotted more

  • Treasure Pot - Best Value for Whole Family

    Treasure Pot - Best Value For Whole Family

    Fancy a no-brainer make-your-own-dinner but without the hassle of shopping, cleaning, chopping and preparation that cooking at more

  • Healy Mac's

    Healy Mac's

    Fancy an old fashioned Irish breakfast? At any time of the day? Then head to Healy Mac’s the genuine Irish pub in Greentown, where the beer flows and the food is robust.

  • Vegan Life

    Vegan Life

    I usually avoid vegetarian restaurants like the plague, not because I’m an avid carnivore but because of the tendency especially in Chinese ones to use an excessive amount of MSG.

  • Foods Project

    Foods Project

    Located at Sunway City, Foods Project has been operating since 2012 where they serve a mixed of both Western and Asian cuisines.

  • Bamboo Biryani

    Bamboo Biryani

    What sets one Biryani apart from another? For someone like me who lives to eat, it’s all governed by my taste buds, having been honed from young to detect nuances in food, more

  • Halloween @ Kinta Riverfront Hotel

    Halloween @ Kinta Riverfront Hotel

      Halloween is an annual event popular among Western youths who would dress in ghoulish costumes and engage in “ more

  • Lan Heong Yuen - Hong Kong Style Noodle House

    Lan Heong Yuen - Hong Kong Style Noodle House

    Nosh News with SeeFoon By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Pics by Vivien Lian Good news for fans of Wonton Noodles and all the wonderful more

  • 22 Hale Street

    22 Hale Street

    While Ipoh Old Town is now overflowing with fusion and western eating establishments, one cafe has set itself apart from the flock, selling local dishes and drinks instead.

  • Goreng Goreng

    Goreng Goreng

    Located at Meru Raya, Goreng Goreng that started as a food truck back in 2016, has now bloomed into a rustic-themed restaurant where guests can not only dine on scrumptious Malay more

  • Oohlala Otak Otak

    Oohlala Otak Otak

    “This has to be one of the best Otak Otak I’ve ever tasted,” slurped SeeFoon our inimitable food critic, as she tucked into one of these delectable banana leaf more

  • High Tea @ Maharaj

    High Tea @ Maharaj

    Beginning July, Maharaj Restaurant is now offering original Indian chaats hailing from different regions of India for high tea from 3pm to 6pm. The items, mostly vegetarian, are more

  • New at Indulgence

    New At Indulgence

    If yummilicious baked items are your thing, then head over to Indulgence on weekends for brunch, lunch or afternoon tea. A new Bakery Table has been launched at Indulgence more

  • Warteg Cafe

    Warteg Cafe

    Residing at one of the oldest buildings (1949), in Ipoh, lies a cafe with a unique name and a lengthy menu that will cater to the needs of any foodie.

  • Ninety One Coffee & Food

    Ninety One Coffee & Food

    Ipoh has been known to many for its great coffee, but how many cafes are actually embracing the culture of drinking, learning and appreciating coffee? Ninety One cafe, which more

  • Black District 1902

    Black District 1902

    Why Black District? Simply because the cafe is a hidden place where guests can dine on scrumptious food, while listening to local bands or playing foosball or darts. Located in more

  • A Place to Chill and Relax

    A Place To Chill And Relax

    Running on the theme “Dine with Nature”, Kafe Jun Chillax at Bandar Baru Medan offers affordably-priced home-cooked food. It is just the place for those who have no more

  • A New Hipster Cafe

    A New Hipster Cafe

    Have you tasted roasted meat done in a ceramic oven using traditional grilling methods of North-East Kazakhstan? This is the unique selling point of BBQ Lamb Ipoh – Roasted more

  • The Morning After

    The Morning After

    A new cafe wittily named The Morning After (wonder how many hangovers get cured here?) recently opened at the M-Roof Hotel which is also in the the throes of a soft opening. The more

  • The Key Men of B&B

    The Key Men Of B&B

    A young man, in his 40s, neatly dressed in a stream-lined suit, with crumpled rolled-up sleeves, gave a welcoming yet earnest smile, and it’s easy to identify him as one of more

  • Pundi Kacang

    Pundi Kacang

    Pundi Kacang might sound like an odd name to some but wait till you step into the studio and rekindle childhood memories.

  • Nelli's Deli

    Nelli's Deli

    Known to many for their signature Nasi Lemak, Nelli’s Deli recently moved to a new location right in the heart of the tourist spot in Ipoh, Kong Heng Square, to cater to the needs of foodies.

  • Eyan's Boutique Cafe

    Eyan's Boutique Cafe

    At only RM15 a meal, customers of Eyan’s Boutique Cafe can get a taste of not one but four different dishes served on a tray.

  • Cakchibow Cafe

    Cakchibow Cafe

    It is hard not to recognise the rainbow-coloured shop lots at Jalan Sultan Iskandar or Hugh Low Street. Aside from Hello Elvis (featured in issue 229) there is another cafe known more

  • Patisserie Boutique

    Patisserie Boutique

    You may see a line up every time this humble little cafe opens. Located right in the heart of the tourist spot, Patisserie Boutique doesn’t need a long explanation to more

  • Bonda's Baker

    Bonda's Baker

    With the love she had for food, Khaleeda Khadri and her family decided to run their first cafe, Bonda’s Baker, located at Brewster Road. The cafe serves both Asian and more

  • Cheers to Oktoberfest in WEIL

    Cheers To Oktoberfest In WEIL

    The world’s largest festival, Oktoberfest also known as Beer Festival, makes its way again to WEIL from September 16 till October 2. Oktoberfest is a German annual festival more

  • Buddha Jumps Over the Wall at Yuk Sou Hin

    Buddha Jumps Over The Wall At Yuk Sou Hin

    Some of us may have heard of the traditional Chinese dish called “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” which is also known as & more

  • SeeFoon moons over Moon de Moon

    SeeFoon Moons Over Moon De Moon

    I am not going to win any popularity awards with my foodie buddies this issue as I write about one of my/their favourite more

  • Koppe Me

    Koppe Me

    Opened recently on July 25, Koppe Me was created by Lieza Zakaria and her husband who are not strangers in the field of F&B. The cozy cafe offers more than 20 food items on more

  • Lucky – A Lip-Smacker of Lips

    Lucky – A Lip-Smacker Of Lips

    Lucky Restaurant on Pasir Puteh main road has always been one of my places to go to whenever I am looking for a ‘Tsing’ meal. ‘Tsing’ is the Cantonese more

  • Nasi.Lemak.Lah


    Malaysia’s number one favourite all time meal, Nasi Lemak is sold almost everywhere in the country. While some stick with the classic white-coconut-milk-infused-rice, two more

  • Food Trucks 2.0

    Food Trucks 2.0

    For this issue we are bringing yet another two new food trucks, and one previously featured, to cater to the taste buds of foodies in Ipoh. While one serves one of Ipoh’s more

  • Tina Cafe & X-press Car Wash

    Tina Cafe & X-press Car Wash

    That tedious long wait for your car to be washed and cleaned has now been given a food relief at Tina Cafe & X-press Car Wash, located at Jalan Kompleks Sukan. With over more

  • Doi Chaang Coffee by Morning Jolt

    Doi Chaang Coffee By Morning Jolt

    Calling coffee lovers! Coming all the way from Northern Thailand, the fresh coffee beans of Doi Chaang village will guarantee to more

  • Ali Yeh Yeh!

    Ali Yeh Yeh!

    Food trucks in Ipoh are making a mark not only among youths but also for foodies who appreciate good street food. The latest member to join nine other food trucks in Ipoh is Ali more

  • Hello Elvis

    Hello Elvis

    With new cafes popping up like mushrooms after rain in Ipoh, it is still hard to find any that cater to the needs of dessert-lovers.

  • Wing Zone Arrives in Ipoh

    Wing Zone Arrives In Ipoh

    Chicken wing lovers! Get ready to experience award-winning flavours brought to you by Wing Zone, now open at Greentown, Ipoh.

  • Food Station Cafe Ipoh + House of Hair

    Food Station Cafe Ipoh + House Of Hair

    Located at Taman Cempaka, Food Station is slowly gaining the attention from the crowds especially from youth with their unique more

  • Raw Vegan Food Demo

    Raw Vegan Food Demo

    Ipohites were in for a treat when Gee Wong, 29, a raw food chef from Peace of Green Rawsome Kitchen, Hong Kong, gave an exclusive demonstration and sampling of raw vegan food on more

  • New Eat On the Block

    New Eat On The Block

    Looking for a new tempat to whet your appetite? Eurasia Café in Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh just opened its doors about three months ago to the public. Ipoh born, New Zealand/ more

  • Foodlab.Ipoh and Gomok

    Foodlab.Ipoh And Gomok

    One can’t simply deny the fact that Ipoh is heaven for food lovers. Especially for this year end issue, we bring you three upcoming eateries that will guarantee to satisfy your hunger.

  • KK-style Laksa Hits Ipoh

    KK-style Laksa Hits Ipoh

    Laksa has been one of the iconic foods in Malaysia that is enjoyed by everyone regardless of their age and who can blame them?

  • Nosh News with Seefoon

    Nosh News With Seefoon

    I always make it a habit to update myself on the latest foodie trends or new dishes being offered by my favourite restaurants. One such restaurant is the Yuk Sou Hin Chinese more

  • Foodgasm for Foodies

    Foodgasm For Foodies

    Nosh News By Ili Aqilah With so many hipster cafes popping up like mushrooms after a rainy day, how do they distinguish themselves from the others and cater to hungry foodies? more

  • Coffee King: Go big or go home!

    Coffee King: Go Big Or Go Home!

    There is new way of serving drinks and Coffee King, is the proud pioneer. For only RM5, customers of Coffee King will get to more

  • Konda Kondi

    Konda Kondi

    Craving for Mexican food? Head to Konda Kondi, a halal cafe that serves not only Mexican food, but also some local delicacies. Located in the heart of Ipoh city, Konda Kondi more

  • myELEPHANT Thai Restaurant

    MyELEPHANT Thai Restaurant

    MyELEPHANT Thai Restaurant opened its doors in Ipoh recently. Being the sixth and only one outside the Klang Valley, it is a well recognised name amongst foodies. Although being more

  • Milkcow Ipoh

    Milkcow Ipoh

    Another new dessert place has opened despite all the cafes flooding Old Town. This place is a healthy option for those with a sweet tooth.

  • Nasi Lemak Kukus Warung Sungai Tapah

    Nasi Lemak Kukus Warung Sungai Tapah

    Nasi lemak has been one of Malaysia’s signature food equally loved by locals and tourists. Fans of Nasi Lemak in Ipoh now more

  • Suhaimi Cafe

    Suhaimi Cafe

    Coffee enthusiasts in Ipoh can now indulge in a wide selection of coffee for breakfast at Suhami Cafe, located at Taman Kledang.

  • Michelle's Noodles are Offally Good

    Michelle's Noodles Are Offally Good

    Nosh News By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Hankering for a bowl of fresh cooked noodles or congee? Then look no further than Michelle& more

  • Sate Legend

    Sate Legend

    The next time you crave for good and tender satay, try and visit the nearest Sate Legend in your area. The franchise owner, Zuri Azma B Zulkifli or Kak Azma to her customer, used more

  • 7Sky Cafe

    7Sky Cafe

    Fans of halal fusion and western food in Ipoh have a new place to discover. 7Sky Cafe at Mydin Meru Ipoh is serving homemade meals made by the chef himself.

  • Pt Grande

    Pt Grande

    Tucked away amidst the many boutiques in Ipoh Garden South is a cafe that specialises in pasta, tea and desserts called Pt Grande. ‘Pt’ stands for ‘Pasta & more

  • Molecular Spectacular

    Molecular Spectacular

    A review of molecular food at Citrus Wine and Dine, and Indian banana-leaf lunch at Bar.Racuda Restaurant.

  • The Memoirs Cafe

    The Memoirs Cafe

    A new cafe has hit the town. This particular cafe is not like other cafes in town. It does not have the typical modern look but it gives much sweet memories to those who were born in the 1980s.

  • Options, Options and Options for CNY

    Options, Options And Options For CNY

      Syeun Hotel Continuing their success for four consecutive years, Syeun Hotel is having their fifth ‘100 Families more

  • A Li Yaa Island Restaurant & Bar

    A Li Yaa Island Restaurant & Bar

    Ipoh Foodies will be delighted to learn that a new eatery, A Li Yaa Island Restaurant & Bar, has just opened its doors to test your taste buds.

  • Seasoned Chefs at Weil Hotel

    Seasoned Chefs At Weil Hotel

    You know that the quality of food in an establishment has to be good when there are well seasoned professionals at the helm, professionals who have moved up the ranks in leading more

  • Bar.Racuda's DIY Barbecue

    Bar.Racuda's DIY Barbecue

      A new concept in dining has been introduced in Ipoh by Bar.Racuda Restaurant & Bar. The do-It-yourself BBQ dinner will see diners enjoying their barbeque amidst a more

  • Not Your Ordinary Bath

    Not Your Ordinary Bath

    Ipohites had an unusual treat at the Lost World of Tambun when more than 30 of them were given a bath in the Kepura Cave. Not your ordinary bath with soap and water but a sound more

  • Culinary Evening at Citrus

    Culinary Evening At Citrus

    Nosh News Citrus Wine and Dine held a Wine Pairing Dinner recently for the International Wine and Food Society of Ipoh (IWFS) with guest chef Horst Futterer which had guests more

  • Iced Manual Drip Coffee at Happy 8 Café

    Iced Manual Drip Coffee At Happy 8 Café

    Nosh News By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Always ever ready for new taste experiences, sampling the Iced Manual Drip Coffee at the more

  • Bits & Bobs

    Bits & Bobs

    Nosh News By Susan Ho In our current 21st century ‘disposable’ culture, one would not expect to see things from the past, let alone being displayed for sale in a more

  • Something's Brewing

    Something's Brewing

    Coffee, tea, pastries, snacks and light meals. This sounds like items you can find in a typical cafe. However, there is a different cafe in town. It doesn’t only serve the more

  • Deen Burger Bakar, Taiwanese Snack & Tittle Tattle Houzz

    Deen Burger Bakar, Taiwanese Snack & Tittle Tattle Houzz

    Nosh News Deen Burger Bakar Pictures of burgers from a particular stall have been circulating on Facebook recently. Deen Burger more

  • Marianis & St Hugo

    Marianis & St Hugo

    Nosh News By SFCK What’s new in Food and Beverage in Ipoh Fancy a drink and a light snack before heading home? Then Marianis Italian Restaurant has just the right thing more