St Michael’s Institution or as it is popularly known, SMI, is going to be a hundred years old in 2012. SMI generally refers to three schools which are SM St Michael’s, SK St Michael’s 1 and SK St Michael’s 2. The secondary school occupies the heritage building which is among the top most distinctive buildings in Ipoh. The two primary schools used to be housed in what was supposed to be a temporary building but which ended up being very well used for over forty years.

St Michael’s primary schools operate in a way that both schools share one building but at different times. One school operates a morning session and the other an afternoon session. But then most people prefer the morning session so to make it fair to all, the two schools switch sessions mid year.

Switching between morning and afternoon sessions mid year presents many challenges to the students, their parents and the staff of the schools. Everyone’s life is switched over every half year. Transportation rearranged, tuition classes rescheduled or even changed, parents’ lunch breaks re-timed; all these and more are the myriad of activities that needs to be attended to every half year, every year.

Back in 2005 when the temporary building was way past its used-by date the Board of Governors of SMI decided to build a new primary school building. It was envisioned then to have a building that can house both schools. The present primary school building was completed in 2007, funded entirely by generous donors whose lives had been touched by the Lasallian Spirit.

In line with the Government’s policy of having all schools turning into single session schools and also for the well being of everyone, the SMI’s Board of Governors have decided that it is time to merge the two primary schools of St Michael’s and create a single session school. The infrastructure in the new building is ready to house the merged schools.

The Board of Governors is now ready to bring its merger proposal to be discussed with the parents of students of both primary schools. The meeting to discuss the merger proposal will be held on October 30 at 9.00 a.m. in the primary school hall.

On behalf of SMI’s Board of Governors I urge all parents to spare some time for their children by attending this discussion. For the merger proposal to carry through the parents’ involvement and support is paramount. Parents, your presence and support are important. Please come to the meeting. Thank you.

Joseph Michael Lee
On behalf of the Board of Governors
St Michael’s Institution