Sam Chai’s Rebuilding Fund – An Update

In a previous issue of Ipoh Echo, dated June 1, 2013, we highlighted SJK(C) Sam Chai’s appeal for public donations to realise its school rebuilding project.

Nine months later, today, the 4-storey building has been completed and the multi-purpose hall is in its final stages of construction but the school is still short of RM1.5 million in construction fees and another RM500,000 to furnish and equip both the buildings.

This school rebuilding project started some 12 years ago, and although it ran out of funds, the contractor continued to build the school according to schedule despite delayed payments.

Despite the hiccups, SJK(C) Sam Chai will be ready as a single-session school in April after the school holidays, to fully meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Education, including the running of single-session classes.

The 4-storey block has fifteen classrooms that can accommodate forty pupils per classroom, an administrative office, a laboratory, a library, a meeting room and a dental clinic. The building is currently awaiting the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation.

Meanwhile, the multi-purpose hall, which is located behind the 4-storey block, is the size of six badminton courts and will be used as an assembly hall as well as to host school functions. It can accommodate up to 2000 people at a time.

The last piece of roof was covered on February 16, and the hall is in its final stages of construction. Only the external work is left to be done. There are also plans to beautify the school grounds with landscaping, as the grounds are barren now.

Updating Ipoh Echo on the progress of the school rebuilding project, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Lee Chau Ju took the opportunity to thank all who have supported the cause.

“It’d been a challenging 12 years but our struggles are definitely far from over. I’d like to express a word of appreciation to everyone who has generously donated to our rebuilding project and all who have supported Chinese education, including our teachers, parents of students and the Board of Governors.”

The school’s student enrolment presently stands at 1350. This is expected to increase to 1500 next year with the implementation of single-session classes.

Readers wishing to contribute to the school building fund can do so via cheque issued to: “Tabung Pembangunan SJK(C) Sam Chai” or deposit cash to its Maybank Account No.: 508038 127860.

For details, contact the school directly:
Tel.: 05 241 5483 or 05 254 8807
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