Gift of Bicycles

The Rukun Tetangga of Kampong Bahagia, Sungai Siput received five bicycles worth RM500 each from government-owned 1Malaysia Development Berhad recently. The bicycles will be used for patrolling by volunteers of the village’s neighbourhood watch.

The machines were handed over by Muhammad Ikhwan Ng, the Assistant District Unity Officer during a ceremony held at the sector’s headquarters in Sungai Siput. “There are 19 Rukun Tetangga sectors in Sg Siput. However, only 15 are registered under the district’s voluntary scheme,” said Muhammad Ikhwan to reporters. “Those registered under the scheme enjoy full insurance coverage 24/7.”

The sector’s volunteers are provided with safety jackets, torchlights and three sets of walkie-talkies to better enhance their patrolling capabilities. They do not have policing powers but are allowed to apprehend wrong-doers before handing them over to the Police.

The gift of bicycles was the first ever in the state.

Ruby Nordin

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