Rubbish Mars Ipoh’s Murals

I recently visited the murals in Ipoh, in the back lane off Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar. I found the paintings very interesting, covering a good selection of Malaysian culture, people and lifestyle.

However, I was shocked by the amount of rubbish in the lane. Considering the murals are so well known now and are a tourist attraction, featuring on many blogs both locally and internationally, it is an embarrassment to see the rubbish. The worst area was the rubbish dump below the two “no dumping” signs at the old wooden building.

Maybe Malaysians don’t notice the rubbish so much, as it is a way of life in Malaysia, but foreign tourists would be appalled.

I know it is a back lane and therefore not a well used road, but there is no excuse for this disgraceful mess. There were one or two scrawny cats around the dump, and I can imagine at night there will be rats as well.

Come on Ipoh, clean up this mess and take pride in your tourist attractions!

Liz Price


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