Greentown Corner

Greentown Corner
2 Persiaran Greentown 10,
Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh.
Operates from 7.30am to 4pm.

There are not many coffee shops where almost every food stall is good – at most you’ll only find three or four. Greentown Corner is one such place. One is spoilt for choice as there are close to 10 different food stalls where the food is tasty and delicious.

  • Flavourful Chicken Rice at RM3.80 is value for money.
  • Ipoh Soup Kuey Teow – RM4.50, and Curry Mee – RM5 are from Wah Nam Ipoh Kuey Teow/Curry Mee (daytime only).
  • Special Claypot Noodle has a nice broth – RM4 and RM4.50 with egg. Also: pork, seafood, drunken chicken and drunken prawns. Prices range from RM4-RM5.50.
  • Wonton Noodle comes with tasty wontons – RM4.20 with char siew.
  • Pan Mee comes with crispy deep-fried fu pei and accompanying sambal belacan – RM4.30 and RM5 for Chilli Pan Mee. There are several other types available.
  • Yeong Liu (stuffed bean curd and vegetables) of Tai Kar Rock fame are priced at 70 sen each and accompanies either soup or curry noodles – very popular.
  • Chee Cheong Fun – har mai (dried prawns) and sar kot (yam bean) – RM3.20.
  • There is also Prawn Mee – RM4.20 and Mee Goreng.
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