SMC Kalvi Yathirai 2014

Some two thousand students and parents participated in the Kalvi Yathirai 2014 (Education Pilgrimage) organised by Sri Murugan Centre (SMC) in Sri Thandyuthabani Temple, Lahat Road. The ceremony was held simultaneously in all twelve SMC centres in the country.

SMC Perak Co-ordinator, K. Nachemuthu explained that Yathirai brings parents and children together for education at a religious place. This is the 20th year the function has been held where prayers are conducted for students sitting for their UPSR, PT3, SPM and STPM to get good results. The ceremony is held before the public exams.

The mental and physical preparation of the student is crucial for the success of the Kalvi Yathirai. All students are requested to observe a vegetarian diet for seven days before the Yathirai so that they will be in the right frame of mind and body to receive the blessings.

The students were given motivational talks and took a pledge that they would concentrate on their studies to get good results. The parents were encouraged to provide a conducive learning environment in their houses for the students to study.

The highlight of the function was the honouring of 11 formers students who have graduated and are working now.

A. Jeyaraj

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