The Buck Must Stop Somewhere

The irresponsible attitude of certain parties in dumping rubbish into a lake in Taman Klebang Bayu is becoming worrisome. It is one of the primary causes of flooding in the Klebang area.

The garbage found in the lake and the periphery are mainly construction debris and industrial waste such as asbestos, styrofoam, plastic, mattresses and furniture. The authorities are being blamed for inaction and for passing the buck.

Ong Seong Aun, Chairman of the Taman Klebang Bayu Residents’ Association, told Ipoh Echo that he had filed complaints regarding the problem with Ipoh City Council. But no action had been taken so far.

“Some officers from the Council visited the site recently. They told us it’s not their responsibility. The lake, they claimed, is under the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) and when we approached DID they said it’s under the Council,” he added.

“We’re being threatened by flash floods, as when it rains excess water overflows the lake into our housing estate. Since the lake is being filled with rubbish it makes the situation worse. When the water has nowhere to go, it will go into our houses instead and along with it, the rubbish,” Ong lamented.

Wendy Teh had this to say, “When people throw rubbish into the lake it gets polluted. Folk here fish in the lake, as it is connected to a nearby river. The lake is teeming with fish and when there is fish there are otters, birds, snakes and wild life. Why must these irresponsible people destroy this God-given gift?” she asked.

One long-time resident was equally irked by the ‘tidak apa’ attitude of the authorities.

“How long must the authorities wait before responding to our complaints? Whichever departments which is responsible please own up. Come to our aid before it’s too late,” pleaded Siva Subramaniam.

Obviously, something needs to be done and done fast.


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