Honouring parents on Father’s Day

Love And Welfare Society, Perak organised a simple function in Chennai Café to honour parents and present gifts to single mothers to celebrate Father’s Day. Dr James Ratnam, President of the Society said that they have been doing this for the past five years on a small scale within their means. This is one of the ways to give recognition to those who deserve it.

One of the two parents honoured, R. Perumal and his wife D. Amirtham have eight children, four boys and four girls. Perumal is a retired Senior Clerk from the Drainage and Irrigation Department. With his single salary, he has sent all his children to university and they are graduates. Perumal said that financially it was difficult and stressful and he had taken a loan from a co-operative society and also borrowed to cover the expenses. They are now happy, knowing that their children are well settled.

The other couple D. Rayappan have a wheelchair-bound daughter who is sitting for her SPM exam this year. Rayappan said that when his wife was expecting, doctors had informed them that the baby was not normal and advised them to abort. However, they decided to have the baby. The mother is looking after her daughter full time. Rayappan is a librarian in Ulu Kinta Teachers Training College. He says that the phrase “do not be afraid, I am with you” in the Bible keeps him going and he is proud of his daughter Rebecca. Rebecca was presented with a cash voucher.

Both couples were honoured in the Indian traditional way of donning the golden shawl. Normally the shawl is donned on individuals, but Dr James said that he was donning a single shawl on both husband and wife to signify they are together as one.

Some 35 needy single mothers were also presented with goodie bags while the other guests were served a delicious banana-leaf lunch.

A. Jeyaraj

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