Anis Starts Young

Meet Anis Afiqah, an inspiring young entrepreneur who started her own brand of clothing at the tender age of 17.

Born and bred in Ipoh, Anis found it hard to find T-shirts with unique designs and that was how Butang Clothing started. With her love for stitching and sewing, Anis figured that the only way to have her kind of clothing was to make them herself.

With no intention to sell, Anis, now 24, sewed buttons and beads onto T-shirts with her own designs, which later attracted the attention of her friends.

“It all started when I decided to sell a few of them to my friends. I was offered by one of my seniors, who was involved in the Indie clothing scene, to sell my shirts at music gigs in Kuala Lumpur,” said Anis to Ipoh Echo.

When her brand got picked by street-wear lovers, Anis had to struggle with orders. Her parents were worried about her studies. But she proved them wrong when she passed her exams with flying colours while still managing Butang Clothing.

“Butang Clothing is my first brand. I can’t recall having any other brands before that. I don’t remember who inspired me because it was really an impromptu decision,” Anis remarked.

Readers who wish to get a piece of Anis’s items can contact her at 013 206 6447 or check out her Facebook page (Butang Clothing).

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