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Inconsiderate Motorists

Just a few days ago I was at the Greentown Business Centre. Like most motorists, I drove around looking for a parking lot, which is not easy to find on a working day.

I understand how frustrating a motorist can be when moving towards a parking bay, which from a short distance appears to be empty, but on approaching finds a motorcycle parked in the middle (see picture) – depriving him of any space to park. And to make matters worse, about 15m away a car was parked right in the middle of two parking bays.

I am sure many other motorists too, would have seen them on that day, and felt frustrated and angry that they had been deprived of the parking bays.

What is wrong with these motorists? Why were they so inconsiderate and how would they feel had the situation been reversed?

Finally I found a parking space and parked my car. As I alighted from the car, I saw two parking enforcement officers checking on the vehicles in the area for valid parking tickets. Curious to know what the enforcement officers would do on seeing the vehicles not being parked properly, I stood on the five-foot way and observed.

Much to my surprise, they just walked past as though everything was in order, or perhaps they did not know under which by-law they could issue summonses to the owners of the vehicles, the motorcycle and car.

No wonder such inconsiderate motorists are blatantly continuing to park their vehicles in such manner, especially in the Greentown Business Centre.

It is also about time that the Ipoh City Council takes action against motorcyclists for parking indiscriminately. They would take over two or three parking bays in front of banks. Since most motorcyclists prefer to park in front of the banks, why not convert the car parking bays into motorcycle parking bays and the motorcycle bays nearby into car parking bays?

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