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Raw Vegan Food Demo

Ipohites were in for a treat when Gee Wong, 29, a raw food chef from Peace of Green Rawsome Kitchen, Hong Kong, gave an exclusive demonstration and sampling of raw vegan food on Sunday, January 10 at Weil Hotel.

Raw vegan food is uncooked, plant-based, organic, dairy-free, and gluten-free. This healthy trend began in California, America. According to Chef Gee, raw vegan food is easier to be broken down and absorbed by the body.

“Raw vegan food is not about achieving a slim figure and eating greens, it’s about being a health-conscious person,” said Gee. For instance, in preparing the raw sushi roll, cauliflower was used as an alternative for the usual rice. Equally delicious were the cultured coconut yogurt and tree nut cheese.

A graduate of Matthew Kenney Raw Food Academy USA, Gee gets her inspiration for her recipes from her trips to the wet market. Following is her advice for those who wish to give raw vegan dishes a try at home: “Make attempts, don’t be afraid to be wrong, experiment always and remember that there’s no limitation to raw food.”

Hooi, a nutrition student, told Ipoh Echo, “I love everything I sampled today. Raw vegan food is healthier for families as nutrient is lost when food is cooked. However, we must prepare the recipe according to our health conditions.”

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