Sheila Jamal

For this issue, Ipoh Echo met Sheila Jamal, 31, an ESL teacher who decided to ditch the usual scene and teaching to become a creative make-up artist.

Ipoh-born Sheila, who is currently staying in Kuala Kangsar, has always had an interest in doing make up and she spent a fair amount of time at events like weddings, engagements and parties.

“I’ve been a make-up artist since 2010. As time passed by, I started to question myself on how I can be different from the others? Then the idea of doing creative make-up popped up,” said Sheila.

Impressed by her skill, a production company offered her a chance to do zombie-style make-up for its cast but due to her tight schedule, Sheila had to turn it down.

“I am currently in my final year and about to finish my thesis paper. It was hard to decline the offer but it had to be done,” said Sheila who was inspired by other make-up artists she found on Instagram such as @Naye0na, @lola_von_esche and @heloys.

When asked about the difficulties she faced, Sheila admitted it wasn’t easy at first. “I received sarcastic remarks on my Instagram page all the time. It was hurtful of course, but you learn to let go of unimportant matters slowly. I hold on to the strong support I receive from my family and close friends,” added Sheila who looks like she is on the way to establishing herself as a leading creative make-up artist one day. Readers who are keen to see more creative looks by Sheila can check her Instagram page at @snowlily.

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