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On Saturday, April 9, a workshop named, “New Insights in Laparoscopic Prolapse Surgery To Mesh or Not to Mesh” was held at KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital, Ipoh. It was the hospital’s fourth Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery Course since 2013. Doctors from all parts of Malaysia presented themselves to gain and share knowledge with each other.

Many may not be familiar with the term “laparoscopic” as we do not hear it often. “It’s a surgery which only requires three holes, instead of having big incisions. It’s less painful and heals faster,” explained Dr Divakaran T. Govindan.

After KPJ’s Chief Executive Officer, Asmadi Mohd Bakri, wrapped up his opening speech, they described what the surgery entailed and studied the first case. Dr Paul P.G., a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist from Kochi, Kerala, India began his live surgery. The first case was of a lady with vault prolapse. Dr Paul explained in detail before performing every action.

The surgery was done in 3D and the audience had their 3D glasses on. The operation was telecast live on two big screens from the operation theatre and the audience could communicate and listen to what the doctor was saying whilst performing the surgery. A question-and-answer session followed.

Dr Sevellaraja Supermaniam conducted the live surgery workshop along with Dr Paul. They performed six surgeries, back to back, using the same surgical technique. Each surgery took about two hours to complete. The workshop, which began around 8.30am, ended around 5pm.

It was a whole new experience for the uninitiated. The attendees, on the other hand, had definitely gained something upon leaving.


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