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Noah’s Ark Ipoh (NAI) Animal Welfare had their first free spay campaign recently. Although we have been carrying out subsidised neutering since 2009 this was the first time we did this free of charge. Dr Ranjit (founder and advisor of Noah’s Ark Ipoh) and Dr Lim (resident and designated vet for Noah’s Ark Ipoh) gave their time and expertise to help the stray animal rescuers lighten their burden. Neutering can be expensive but this is the only way to reduce the stray population.

Noah’s Ark Ipoh operated on 20 cats and 17 dogs all free of charge. The cats’ ears were clipped to identify they had been neutered. The dogs were fitted with a green fluorescent collar for identification.

The campaign was carried out to help the public be aware that the reason there are so many strays on the streets is because of their not neutering their pets. When their females get pregnant and deliver, a lot of irresponsible owners abandon the litter.

We urge the public to take an active role in controlling the stray population by being responsible for neutering their cats and dogs. There are those who believe that it’s cruel and we are interfering with nature. NAI believes it’s more cruel to abandon them and leave them to a life of misery and torture from those who dislike animals.

The government/council can help by working with animal welfare groups to educate the public. It will benefit the community enormously if they played an active role in organising seminars and free or subsidised neutering programmes. If this is done on a regular basis we can surely see an improvement. It needs to be drummed into people’s heads that strays are part of our community and the only way to control and manage them is through education and neutering.

Malika Ramiah Oates
President Noah’s Ark Ipoh
017 575 1556
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