A Happy Night with Happy Polla


The new “Thai Goddess” was in town lately as the ladyboy toured Malaysia to several states. Happy Polla was the talk of the social media world lately although she has been hot on the internet in Vietnam way back in 2013. She creates humour on her YouTube videos and Facebook postings, accumulating over 850,000 Facebook fans from all around the world.

Happy Polla made an appearance at WAVE by World Ambassador on April 2, which held an April Fool’s After Party. Customers paid an entrance fee to have free flow beer, to see her and take photos with this famous ladyboy. Before she went on stage, customers were surprised to see an imposter instead, thinking they had been ripped off. However, it was all a belated April Fool’s prank. Both the imposter, Happy Salaah, and the real Happy Polla lip synced with a dance performance for the audience.

The customers had a fun time shaking hands with this celebrity and they had a fair share of photos to share on the social media for the next few days. The event was a successful one which left everyone leaving with smiles and laughter.

Besides Happy Polla being on stage, DJ Rock & Kidd, DJ VGene, DJ Vincent and DJ Double B rocked the decks through the night. There were also dance performances by The Dreamz 2G dance group.

Susan Ho


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