Refurbished Dato Sagor Food Court

I am writing in response to the statement made by Ipoh Mayor, Dato’ Zamri Man concerning the newly refurbished Dato Sagor Food Court (located behind the Ipoh Town Hall) during a key presentation ceremony to food operators of the stalls of the food court. This event which was held at the Ipoh City Council headquarters on June 24 was reported by the media recently and I read about it in StarMetro Perak on June 28.

During the ceremony, it was reported that the Mayor said, “the rebuilt food court can become a tourist spot. Tourists coming out from the Ipoh Railway Station, located opposite, could drop by the food court to eat there”. I would like to highlight the fact that tourists who embark from the train will have luggage and suitcases to carry, so it will be very difficult to drag their suitcases across the large compound of the railway station to walk across Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab (usually heavy with traffic), in order to reach the Ipoh Town Hall opposite, then look for the food court behind it or to walk along Ipoh Heritage Trail & the popular Panglima Lane while dragging their luggage bags!

Is there a locker or room at the railway station for tourists to put their luggage bags? I would like to suggest that:

  1. Large lockers (or a guarded room) be provided at the railway station for tourists to keep their suitcases/bags for those who (after embarking from the train) wish to walk across the busy Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab (and there should be a pedestrian crossing too), in order to enjoy Ipoh’s heritage buildings, visit Dato Sagor Food Court and the tourism office/booths etc.
  2. Signs/notices be put up at the railway station to inform tourists about the luggage storage place, as well as to direct them to the heritage buildings opposite the station.

Rosalind Toh Beng Hong

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