Feeding the Homeless

“Voluntary activities in aid of the homeless show our empathy for them,” said 28-year-old Syawal Hazwan, who leads the voluntary project, BelanjaMakan Ipoh, along with members of his organisation.

According to Syawal, the homeless should get the necessary attention as some of them are unlucky and are economically incapable of a better life.

“Not all homeless people are useless and lazy. Hence, it is not fair for us to judge them based on their attitude and outer appearance alone. There’re a lot of factors that drove them to that state and our responsibility is to help them in whatever way possible so they can enjoy a better life one day,” said Syawal.

“Among the targeted areas are UTC, Jalan Yang Kalsom and city centre. We give out more than 30 packets of food and drinks to the homeless each night. We also provide daily necessities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers and towel,” he added.

The non-governmental organisation distributes food and drinks to the homeless in the city every Thursday night from 10pm till midnight.

Those wishing to volunteer may call 019 559 5396. Facebook: belanjamakanipoh.


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