Hasa Pull-up Jam

Touted to be the biggest street workout competition in Malaysia, Hasa Street Workout organised its fourth Hasa Pull-up Jam on Saturday, August 27 at Taman D R Seenivasagam, Ipoh. The annual event attracted over 90 participants, some from as far as Johor and Kedah.

“Our objective is to inspire all to be healthy through fitness, besides showcasing new talent. In Ipoh, the awareness to live a healthy lifestyle is there. I can see the progress as every year there are more and more participants,” Hazlami Zharif, the co-founder of Hasa Street Workout told Ipoh Echo.

There is no age limit for contestants. “Last year, we had participants as young as 11 years old whom we believe have a bright future in the sport,” he explained.

One of the highlights was the freestyle category divided into amateur and professional levels. Given two minutes to perform their routine, participants were judged on their static movement, dynamic movement, strength, endurance, performance and combo. Winners walked away with cash prizes as high as RM2000.

Here is Hazlami’s advice for those who are new to the game: “Safety first. If you get injured, you can’t workout, so what’s the point? If you don’t know how to start, you can always find us at Padang Polo or look at the tutorial videos on YouTube.”

Readers can find out more via their Instagram: Hasastreetworkout

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