Retirees to the Rescue!

In its endeavour to equip the retiree community with basic First-Aid skills and provide initial support during emergencies or everyday accidents, Total Investment Sdn Bhd partnered with Pantai Hospital Ipoh (PHI) to organise a special ‘1-Day First Aid Orientation Course’ for over 40 members of the Pusat Aktiviti Warga Emas (PAWE) UTC Perak.

Based on recent statistics by St John Ambulance of Malaysia, up to 150,000 people who die every year could have survived had they received first-aid treatment. Therefore, it is vital to educate members of the community to adopt life-saving skills. By acquiring these skills, first aiders can help build more resilience and better prepared communities when disaster strikes.

Mr John Chong, Executive Director of Total Investment Sdn Bhd, said in his speech, “As a home-grown property developer with a mission to provide quality retirement lifestyle through our latest project, GreenAcres Retirement Village, it is our responsibility to advocate this initiative for the senior community’s well-being.”

First aid is often the crucial first step in the chain of survival, towards saving lives during accidents, disasters, or in everyday crisis. Rescuers do not necessarily have to be medical experts, but having basic first aid knowledge can certainly make a major difference.

“Our mission is that all of you here today can be equipped with life-saving skills and give assistance when needed during emergency situations. Most of us have – or will at some time – encounter a situation where first aid is needed. Saving lives is a matter of skills that can be learned by everyone – young and young-at-heart, everywhere,” highlighted Mr John Chong.

Performing first aid before the ambulance arrives can often be the difference between life and death. It can also prevent more serious injuries from occurring. During the First Aid orientation course, the retiree participants were trained in basic First Aid knowledge and skills by the medical staff of Pantai Hospital Ipoh. This practical workshop included a circuit of three stations where various First Aid demonstrations were conducted, so that retirees could administer vital first aid in case of household emergencies or accidents in the neighbourhood.

“During this initiative, our team shared with participants how to attend to emergencies such as burns, bleeding and to immobilise fractures, before medical help arrives. By adopting these skills, the First Aider can make a difference and save someone’s life.

“As a dedicated and responsible healthcare provider, Pantai Hospital Ipoh will continue collaborating with caring partners like Total Investment Sdn Bhd to support various health initiatives towards improving community awareness and well-being,” shared Ms Chong Siet Fong, Chief Executive Officer of Pantai Hospital Ipoh.

This joint-effort community service for retirees was initiated by Total Investment Sdn Bhd, in keeping with the GreenAcres Retirement Village’s tagline of “Life Begins at 60”.

The aim is to enlighten retirees of the fact that they can look forward to a vibrant lifestyle in their golden years – with proper planning and the right mindset.

GreenAcres is the first retirement village development in Peninsular Malaysia. Located in Meru, Ipoh, the five-phase development sits on 13 acres of beautiful landscaped environment that offers elder-friendly features, purpose-built amenities and facilities including a recreational clubhouse, tailored to the needs of retirees. The clubhouse amenities will comprise a restaurant, lounge area, mini cinema, karaoke room, gym, hall, games and reading room, wellness programmes and village shuttle services. The first phase of 26 units of villas is targeted for completion by mid-2017.

For more information please contact Catherine Leonard at or call 016 667 3064.


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