Spending Chinese New Year with Those in Need


In conjunction with Chinese New Year, The Lions Club of Ipoh Centennial organised a charity event to feed the poor on Thursday, February 9. It was led by the Charter President, Dato’ Dr Wenddi Anne Chong and the Organising Chairperson Charter Secretary, Sharmila Senin.

Prior to that, the club members visited and donated daily necessities to various families all over Ipoh who were in need. Some of the things they donated were rice, oil, cans of Milo, shampoos, instant noodles, biscuits, mandarin oranges as well as an angpow worth RM500 to each family.

The first family was in Pasir Pinji. Madam Chan who is divorced, is currently working as a nanny and sews shoe linings for a living. She has four girls, who are all still studying. However, the two elder girls are working part-time as waitresses to help their mother out.

Another one is Madam Ang’s family who lives in Bercham. Her husband passed away and she has been working as a beer promoter ever since. She has five children. Her eldest son who is studying in UTAR, Kampar and doing part-time work to support his study fees.

Madam Ooi is a grandmother who sells joss sticks for a living. She lives with her 14-year-old grandson in Pengkalan as his mother passed away due to cancer and his father remarried in Kuala Lumpur but not forgetting his responsibility, he still sends them around RM500 per month.

Besides Madam Chan, there is also another family in Pasir Pinji, consisting of two sisters who are over 60 years old. They are both living in a house with a roof about to collapse. Currently they have sticks to support the roof from collapsing. Their only income comes from selling plastic bags to coffee shops.

The families were delighted with the visit. Members of the club, too, expressed their utmost gratitude for being able to spend Chinese New Year with these deserving families for a change.


Lions Club of Ipoh Centennial

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