Abandoned Building a Nuisance


A two-storey building, overgrown and deserted, in Taman Sri Rapat has become a drug den besides being a rubbish dump.

Located at Hala Rapat Baru 10, it is left abandoned for almost 20 years, causing much inconvenience to over 2000 residents of the housing estate, including local traders.

Half of the building is overgrown with lallang (weeds) while the other half has become an illegal dumpsite with all kinds of rubbish being dumped by irresponsible individuals.

Residents claimed that complaints had been made to the relevant authorities but to date no action is forthcoming.

Chan Kok Hong, 75, said that he was being troubled by a group of unkempt youths whom he suspected were drug addicts. They would throw stones at him when he jogged in the morning.

Abandoned building at Taman Sri Rapat

“They’d taunt and tease joggers, making us feel fearful and unsafe to exercise. The place has become a convenient den for drug addicts. I believe some of them are staying there. The negativity will have an impact on the sanctity of the place,” he lamented.

Adun for Sungai Rapat, Radzi Zainon, requested that the National Anti-Drug Agency, Ipoh City Council and the State Crime Prevention Committee take heed of the problem and act accordingly.

Abandoned building at Taman Sri RapatAbandoned building at Taman Sri Rapat

The owner of the building, said Radzi, should be fined for disturbing public peace.

“I propose the authorities to rid the place of drug addicts. Strict enforcement is needed, as it is a populated area.

“The building, which was originally planned as a market, should be demolished as it doesn’t bring any benefit to the people. I am worried that snakes and strays would make the overgrown portion their home,” he added.

Rosli Mansor

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