Help Finding Room-mate from England

I am writing to you to ask for your help in finding an old room-mate, Alan Tan. I shared a room with Alan back in 1979/80 in a house in Kingsland Road, Birkenhead, England. At the time Alan was attending Birkenhead Technical College studying for his ‘A’ levels. Although many years have passed Alan is not forgotten. I am a member of a WhatsApp group (15 members) who met each other at that time while studying, and we would love to rekindle our friendship with Alan. I am from England (now living in Australia) and the others are from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Hong Kong. I kept in touch with Alan for a while after he returned to Malaysia in 1980 but we lost contact. Unfortunately, the Internet was non-existent then.

  • Alan Tan – I think his initials were TC, so could be Alan TC Tan.
  • Last known address in Ipoh was 4 Jalan Mui Fah, Victoria Park.
  • Studied ‘A’ levels at Birkenhead Technical College in England. I think his ‘A’ level subjects were Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
  • Lived in Kingsland Road, next to the college. The landlady’s name was Mary.
  • Liked Tae Kwon Do.
  • Worked as a waiter in a restaurant many miles away – I think the restaurant was in Whitchurch.

I would be eternally grateful for any help in tracing my old friend. I’m hoping there is somebody (relative/friend) in Ipoh that could put me in direct contact with Alan, wherever he may be.

Ian Horgan
Mobile: +61 (0)405 214 652


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