Reading Habit is a Lifelong Journey

We often hear that Malaysians pay less attention to their reading habit compared to Japan, Korea, China and Russia.

The reason behind this is they fail to realise the value of acquiring knowledge through reading.

Reading enriches the mind and heart. It helps mould our lives and habits thus translating the learning process into action.

Teachers must encourage their students to read. Once a child picks up the habit and learns to comprehend what he reads, the power of the thinking process is unleashed thus paving the way for creativity, imagination and evaluation.

Parents too must be role models in cultivating the reading habit and ensuring a conducive learning atmosphere in the home. Buy them books instead of other gifts for birthdays.

Expose children to books by taking them to exhibition and book shops.

The spark of curiosity thus ignited will feed a lifelong passion for reading and knowledge.

R. James Ratnam
Educationist Ipoh

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