Gua Tempurung – Nature’s Best Kept Secret

Located in Gopeng, Gua Tempurung is the longest and biggest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia, measuring 1.9km in length and 22 acres in size. The cave is estimated to be between 250 to 400 million years old.

Its tagline of “Now, caving is possible for all ages” offers everyone a chance to explore the unique cave and unveil its secret such as the historical remains from the Malayan Emergency era (1948 to 1960).

Gua Tempurung
Gua Tempurung

There are two exploration packages available: Wet Tour and Dry Package. The Wet Tour is divided into two, beginning from the Top of the World area + Short River Adventure leading to Grand Tour. Visitors will trail the river and the hilly path of 1.9km. As for the Dry Package, visitors will walk up the 620 steps and make a stop at both the Golden Flowstone and Top of the World.

Be amazed by the stalactites and stalagmites resembling humans, animals and objects. One special point about the cave is that you will feel the cool blast of fresh wind along one Golden Flowstone path. You will also get to see the glittering tin on the surface of the limestone. Plus, you get to witness handwriting left by communist insurgents and their hidden pathways yourself.

Gua Tempurung
Gua Tempurung

Unwind from all the exploring at the food stalls that brim with delicious local delicacies and on weekends, entertain yourself to music by local buskers. You will be spoilt for choice at the souvenir shop.

Gua Tempurung is not only an ideal spot for the family, it is equally informative and an eye-opener on the importance of preserving Nature.

The cave is open daily from 9am-5pm. Those coming in groups can make a reservation by calling: 014 220 4142.

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