Celebrating Mother’s Day

Twenty members of East Ipoh Single Mothers Association celebrated Mother’s Day at the Medan Gopeng McDonald’s outlet on Sunday, May 14.

The get-together, organised by the fast food chain, was to honour mothers on the auspicious day. General Manager, Zurina Mat Akhir, hosted the fun-filled event.

“It’s tailored to their age and comes with games with matching prizes to boot. We want single mothers to feel loved and appreciated in spite of their problems. It’s our way of showing how grateful we are to our mothers for raising us with love and dignity,” she told Ipoh Echo.

The programme, she added, was also aimed at instilling awareness in the public on the importance of family ties and respect for the elders.

Chairperson of the East Ipoh Single Mothers Association, Hajjah Nik Jamaliah, expressed her gratitude to McDonald’s for its efforts in remembering them.

Hajjah Nik, 71, hoped the programme would encourage the public to be more appreciative of single mothers, as they play an important role in society.

“When I see corporations and big businesses organising activities such as this, I feel proud. There are still those who are prepared to walk the extra mile to spread joy and happiness,” she remarked.

According to Zurina, McDonald’s is currently looking for mature staff (those in their 40s) to be part of their crew. Those keen in taking the offer can apply with any McDonald’s outlets in the country.

Luqman Hakim

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