Vimala: The Hardworking Single Mother

It takes a lot for parents these days to provide for their family. It is twice as hard for Vimala Dedi, 54, as she is a single mother raising a 15-year-old daughter.

After being asked to resign from her former job, preparing food at a chain restaurant, Vimala had great difficulties finding another job because of her age. “Employers tend to dismiss the possibility of hiring me owing to age bias instead of looking at my experience. I was rejected because of my age,” said Vimala.

She then decided to apply at VJ Cakes & Culinary Ipoh and was at the stage where she was willing to accept any job offered. However, the founder and the CEO of the catering service, Seevashankar Vickneswaran had a different plan for Vimala.

“She was different. She wasn’t here for just a job. Vimala was determined and focused. It upset me to know how she was rejected from work just because of her age. Knowing how much she needs it, I felt it would be such a waste to let her do just any menial job at our company,” said Seeva.

Together with his team, Seeva pitched the idea of opening a stall at Taman Ipoh Permai where Vimala would need to operate the stall by herself but the food is prepared by Seeva’s team. Vimala, quickly agreed.

“It was surreal. It is beyond my imagination to get this opportunity. With my experience in serving food, I believe I can do well,” added Vimala who admits that it is hard for her to maintain the stall all by herself but thanked her customers who never complained.

Serving VJ Cakes & Culinary’s signature spiced fried chicken, the stall also sells several seasonal items such nasi lemak and fried noodles. Seeing how good the response is, Seeva plans to hire more single mothers or anyone in need of a job to set up their own stalls.

“Of course all applicants will go through our tests and interviews. Our goal here is to help and we only want those who are serious,” added Seeva.

“I hope the public can be more understanding about older single parents who are in need of jobs. If we can’t work, how can we afford to take care of our family? I couldn’t thank Seeva enough for giving me this opportunity. And to all single parents out there, don’t be shy. Step up and be brave to change the fate of your family!” advised Vimala who also works at a shopping mall during the day.

The stall is located at Taman Ipoh Permai (near Taman Syabas) and opens every day except Thursday from 6pm to 11pm. Her stall is the one with a blue canopy. Let’s help and support her!

Ili Aqilah

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