What’s new at Hospital Fatimah, Ipoh?

As one of the pioneer private hospitals in Ipoh, Hospital Fatimah had been quietly refurbishing and adding to their already impressive capabilities. It is now set with several new facilities that will provide additional clinical services to the community.

Hospital Fatimah Ipoh

New Medical Centre

The hospital has just recently unveiled a new medical centre consisting of new wards, diagnostic and treatment facilities and more. Comprising of 8 floors, the basement and ground floor house the cancer centre that is complete with the latest radiotherapy and brachytherapy equipment on the basement floor. On the ground floor is a day care chemotherapy centre. The first floor of the new complex is dedicated for cardiac catheterization where patients with heart conditions will be managed here. The hospital’s cardiologists will perform investigations and treat heart conditions here. There are also 4 additional licensed ICU beds on this floor for the use of heart patients.

Diagnostic Centre

On the second floor, which is designed for diagnostic purposes, there are endoscopy rooms as well as a non-invasive diagnostic centre. Specialists of the hospital will be performing endoscopy for upper and lower bowels and the lungs on this floor. Adjoining these endoscopy rooms are the stress-test and other diagnostic machines to diagnose heart conditions and a neurology laboratory.


While the main pharmacy at the hospital’s ground floor is now dedicated for out-patients, in-patients can get their medicines on the third floor of the new building. Together with the inpatient pharmacy counter is the cytotoxic drug reconstruction facility used to prepare drugs for cancer patients. This is done in a ‘clean room’ which is kept sterilised. It is a contained room where provisions are made to reduce the particulate contamination and to control other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure. The cytotoxic drugs are prepared and packed in the clean room before being sent to the day care chemotherapy centre.

Hospital Fatimah Ipoh


The wards on the fourth and fifth floors have a total of 39 beds to bring the total number of beds in the Hospital to 274 beds. Both wards have single bedded rooms, double bedded rooms and four bedded rooms.

On the sixth floor of this new medical centre is a brand-new auditorium that comes with 200 seats and is used by the hospital for medical education for doctors and staff. The auditorium is also available to be used by the public at an affordable fee. Together with the auditorium are two meeting rooms that are used for meetings, workshops and training.


The hospital currently has 10 physiotherapists and 2 physiotherapy assistants to manage in-patients and out-patients. There are two types of therapy which set Hospital Fatimah’s physiotherapy services apart, unlike other private hospitals in Ipoh. One is the Fango Therapy session and the other is a hydrotherapy service using a heated pool.

The Fango Therapy is a special physiotherapy session where the hospital uses Fango, a volcanic ash that is imported from Germany, mixed with paraffin wax and moulded to fit the patients’ affected body parts. Here, the heat and the minerals in the mud will assist in the healing process. Currently Hospital Fatimah is the only one in Ipoh to have such treatment. Another unique physiotherapy session is the heated pool where patients are given hands-on treatment by the physiotherapist in the pool with the warm water providing buoyancy for patients with mobility issues.

Aside from the new medical centre and the special physiotherapy treatments, patients and visitors of Hospital Fatimah need not worry anymore about the lack of parking bays. By the end of this year, this hospital will use its new multi-storey car park with an additional 400 parking bays. The hospital’s parking bays will be available to be used at a minimal fee.

For more information about Hospital Fatimah, readers can call them at  05-5455 777  or head to information counter at the reception at  1 Lebuh Chew Peng Loon, Off Jalan Dato’ Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh Garden 31400 Ipoh.

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