Adam Jalaludin

PeaceBeUponYou (PBUY) is a known local streetwear brand among local and international fans but who is the brilliant mind behind this minimalistic brand?

Mohd Adam Jalaludin was into arts and counter-culture (opposite of mainstream culture) since he was in high school and used them as his form of expression. His passion continued to rise when he entered college where he became a freelance designer for the PopMalaya clothing line.

“PBUY started its journey in the mid 2011. It was an art/expression project of mine since I want to share with others how I express my ideas. PBUY is about promoting positive ideas and lifestyles through designs. We opted for a minimalistic approach and each design has its own meaning behind it,” said Adam.

After nearly seven years of operating and selling PBUY merchandise online, Adam finally opened PBUY’s first concept store at Jalan Sultan Idris Shah which was launched early this year. Together with Drinka, a local food and drinks company, the concept store not only sells PBUY items such as t-shirts, beanies, stickers and Drinka’s handcrafted drinks, it is also a space and place for people to meet up, share ideas and carry out activities.

“We have a space upstairs available for rent. It is a perfect venue to hold events and workshops. Working in this field, I must say that the biggest obstacle I had to deal with was my lack of knowledge. However, I should thank my family and friends because without their encouragement and advice, I wouldn’t have made it this far.”

When asked what advice he would give to those who plan to venture into this field, “Whichever field you choose to pursue, pick the one that makes you happy. Passion is as important as your interest and surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up!” Adam wished nothing but success for all of them.

PeaceBeUponYou store is located at 146 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh. The store opens daily from 11am till 10pm (Saturday to Thursday) and 3pm till 11pm (Friday) and readers can find out more about PBUY merchandise at

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