170 Receive Prestigious Cambridge Certificates

One hundred and seventy students who took the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations at the end of last year received the prestigious Cambridge certificates during the 17the Cambridge Certificate Presentation Ceremony on July 1 at the Syeun Hotel.

Five students passed the Certificate of Proficiency English (CPE) examination, the highest level, C2, and ten students the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE), the next highest level, C1, based on the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR).

According to ILTI Principal Thomas Kok, only 52% out of 40,000 English language teachers in the country possess C2  and C1 certificates. Teachers need to achieve a minimum C1 grade to teach English whereas in the United Kingdom, all English teachers must possess the C2 qualification.

Amelia Looi Jean Shuen who passed the CPE or C2 Cambridge exam was chosen the best ILTI student for 2017. She represented the country in the International Students Forum in Singapore last year.

At the ceremony, Amelia was given the honour to represent the students to deliver a speech.  She shared her experience of learning English at ILTI for six years and how she acquired the confidence to speak eloquently in public.

Amelia has made ILTI proud for representing Malaysia at the Model United Nations Contest in Singapore recently – she won the Best Commendation Award.

Principal Thomas Kok commended students for their achievements in the Cambridge exams and conveyed his best wishes on behalf of the teachers to the students on their continual success learning English diligently at ILTI.

The ceremony was graced by the Assistant Director, En Dzul Hanan bin Ghazali, representing En Aznan bin Hj Alias, the Head of the Private Schools and Special Education Unit of the State Education Department.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the launching of “ILTI BOOK 5” by En Dzul Hanan. This was the fifth book written by Thomas Kok for ILTI students to practise English.

Apart from parents, teachers and relatives present at the ceremony was Mr Chin Yoong Kim, the founder of ILTI.

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