When Pregnancy Meets Yoga

Yoga practice, unlike most other forms of physical activity, was traditionally used for spiritual development by unifying the body and mind to achieve self-awareness and knowledge of one’s own body. The good thing is: even pregnant women can do yoga. What’s even better, is that pregnancy yoga has arrived in Ipoh. 

It is widely known that exercise is important during the pregnancy period, and yoga is gentle and safe enough to perform for both mom and baby. The reasons why it is safe during pregnancy is because it is mild and gentle, the stretches help release tension, strengthens the body, calms the mind and is very adaptable. Mothers who practice yoga during pregnancy is said to experience better sleep, reduced backaches, easier breathing and an overall better pregnancy experience.  

JiaErnLiew is an experienced yoga practitioner since her teenage years who has been teaching the art in Kuala Lumpur (KL) to students ranging from expatriates to moms to corporate professionals. Other than being certified by the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI), she is also registered with Yoga Alliance, USA to provide quality yoga instruction. She is the first to provide instructions in pregnancy yoga in Ipoh. 

“The goal of yoga is supposed to be meditation,” said Liew, “A total state of relaxation after the stretching”. In meditation, there are many benefits to be expected from both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. “It gives the mind a break and an opportunity to introspect and contemplate”. She states that this is important because people tend to pile up their stress from work into their sleep; disrupting them of a good night’s rest. 

When asked how pregnancy yoga is different from conventional forms of yoga, Liew said, “Pregnancy yoga is toned down and is not as vigorous as Bikram or hot yoga by modifying the posture to suit them”. In fact, the goal of pregnancy yoga is no longer the same as normal adults’ practice; the emphasis is moved away from linear progression of the poses (that is, striving to reach toes with hands) and simply into relaxation and being aware of one’s body.  

“The earlier you get exposed to yoga before or after pregnancy, the better because every class you come to is a chance for you to get to know your body.” 


The prices are as follows: 

RM 30 per class or RM100 for 4 classes every Monday (6.45pm to 7.45pm) 

RM140 per hour (Personal) 

For more information, you can contact Jia Ern Liew @ 012 308 4381. 

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